Angry Birds Rio

Our family loves Angry Birds so we were excited to see a new version called Angry Birds Rio. Apparently we’re not the only one who likes the new version because it’s currently the #1 selling app in the App Store as I write this article. Instead of crashing birds into pigs who’ve stole your eggs, now you’re trying to crash into cages of birds to help release them. There’s also different levels with monkeys in trees and a big bad guy bird you have to knock out of the sky. There is a catch to this game. All the levels have not been released yet. Only section 1 and 2 are ready and the rest will be released throughout the year.

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  1. Haha can’t wait, this looks great. Have you heard any news about angry birds coming to consoles?

  2. Angry Birds Rio, Is not as fun as the new angry bird Space

  3. Harry Styles says

    I remember Angry Birds Rio upon its initial launch back in the days. The crazy carnival tunes made the game an absolute joy and playing it was even more delirious as it was a completely brand new experience. The latest Angry Birds game seem to be equally amazing as Rovio came with further innovations. The telepod technology was introduced, making the game one of the best on the various charts.


  1. Kitchens says:


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