iPhone 5 Video

Apple has posted their video for the iPhone 5 on YouTube so now we can share it here! This video shows many of the new features and runs about 7 minutes. It features interviews from Jony Ive (Senior Vice President Design), Bob Mansfield (Senior Vice President) and Scott Forstall (Senior Vice President iPhone Software). It also shows some inside looks at the manufacturing processes and shows the new iOS 6 features.

I like in the intro how Jony talks about the “unique relationship people have with their iPhone.” What he’s basically saying is that we’re all addicted to our iPhones. This video should show many out there that say the new iPhone 5 “isn’t that much different” and “not worth it” that Apple has changed almost everything on the entire device and is worth it. They’ve changed the screen, microphones, speakers, screen, processor, back cover, camera, dock connector, location of headphone jack, height of device, screen size, faster cellular data, faster wifi and that’s all just hardware. The new software add so much more. Yep, I’m an Apple fanboy. But I just don’t see what else you’d want. NFC is the only thing I’ve heard that people want and I think something like Passbook can work until NFC is more widely accepted.

I’d like to hear what you think! What is the iPhone missing that makes you not want it?

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