AccuWeather Update Getting Poor Reviews

AccuWeather recently updated their iPhone app and I have to say that I do not like it. It had a nice clean design with iPhone style graphics. It functioned. I finally had it figured out since the last update changed so much. Now the new app is ugly, clunky and unorganized. You’ll see there are a lot of grab handles that require you to swipe to get to more data which takes more steps to get to the same info as before. Here’s a before and after of some of the screens and lots of unhappy tweets. What do you think of the new update? Do you have another weather app that you’d recommend to others wanting to switch?



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  1. Kevin McCarthy says

    Ever since I updated it all I get is the loading screen and then it shuts down

    • Ian Mitchell says

      Same here I’ve cancelled it and re-downloaded the app several times and still only get the thermometer. I don’t understand how it only affects some phones though as it works fine on a friends.

  2. nancy nyberg says

    My app will not open. I have deleted and reinstalled. Twice. I just have the little temperature screen and no data.

  3. Biggest issue is that to get what the temp actually is, you have to navigate thru the “more” feature in settings.

  4. Mark Bridger says

    I just deleted Accuweather and re installed it on my iPhone 5, still not working, it used to be a great app, rubbish now, sort it out guys !

  5. Ron Foster says

    Since the last update Accuweather doesn’t work, and I paid for the premium version. I got in touch with them and they said they knew about the problem and were working at it. They didn’t even offer to give me my money back. It’s annoying to know that 1000’s of people like myself have paid for something that doesn’t work. Now that’s the sort of job I want. Sell a product that doesn’t work and keep the money.

  6. Dan Feehan says

    This won’t help with the problem you’re having with “Accu”-weather… But a great free wx app is Wunderground, aka Weather Underground.

  7. It WAS the best weather app around? Doesn’t work on my I ph 5 or my sons 4 but does on my wife’s go figure, what a disappointment, it was by far the most accurate app around.

  8. I travel a lot and like to save the names of the towns where I’ve been.. I used to be able to do this but not anymore.. Especially here in Ireland.. It held on to the towns I had saved but won’t recognise any new ones.. Says it can’t find them even though the older versions of the app found them just fine…

  9. I’m having the same problem with the new Accu Weather Premium app–only shows the thermometer loading screen, which never completes. What a piece of junk. Apple should be issuing refunds, as this is an across the board “paid for but doesn’t work with a damn app.”

  10. I have been using accuweather for the past four years. I have found it to be a vital and accurate tool for forecasting the weather for a construction business. I downloaded the latest update yesterday and have found it to be very complicated to use compared to the old and hard to read. Also, the app keeps crashing, something that has never happened before! Why did you have to change a great thing without asking your clients for their input? I have faith that you can correct these issues quickly. Remember to keep it simple, most of your clients are not weather experts, they like large maps and easy to read daily and 15 day forecasts. If you want to include more technical data, please put it on a seperate page as an option for people that want more detailed info, this way you will be able to cater to a larger array of condition seekers. I think its safe to say that you have 5 days to come up with a solution before people find an alternative. I’m looking forward to the new update and hope to see it soon.

  11. Paul Silva says

    Used to be the best weather app. Now it just doesn’t work. I have reinstalled the app twice and still doesn’t work.

  12. Jose Miguel Espinosa says

    Same here, I use to happily use Accuweather. However a few months ago I switched to an iPhone 5 and it ceased to work. I have tried dowloading it again today and still does not work. It keeps showing the thermometer and never ends.

  13. I have the same problem with no loading, just the thermometer screen. I have sent numerous emails to Accuweather and have never gotten a response. I contacted Apple informing them that the app is defective and they should remove it until it is fixed. Apple keeps passing the buck to Accuweather. Apple doesn’t care as long as they get their bucks. I’m removing the app and not looking back. The Weather Channel app works for me.

  14. since I updated accuweather it has turned into a pile of poop ie a mess its going now!

  15. What the heck happened?? Great weather app, good updates for 4+ yrs & now this…… A little thermometer that tells me nothing!
    Developer must have been acquired by Goldman Sachs…Got paid, stopped working and still charging for the app! I’m sure GS will package with some other bunk developers & sell off in tranches to some Norwegian widows fund….

  16. I just updated my accuweather app to the latest version….hate it. It has changed so much and I can’t figure out how to get details on other cities I have added. It used to be easy to navigate and get details from my other locations. Now I tap on the map and there is no way to get forecast or details on that city!! Ugh I travel a lot and like to know forecasts of where I am and where I’m going. Sorry I updated!! And what’s up with those graphs?? Don’t need the hassle! Going to use!!

  17. I just downloaded it on my iphone and love it—-

  18. Neil Steven says

    Accuweather USED to be a great app on my iPhone 4. New version does not load but what I have seen of it = s**t ! I will not be using it now.
    Why mend what is not broken? How do you improve (aka update) on an excellent and user friendly app?
    Congratulations to whoever was responsible….