iOS 7: Messages

The new Message app that comes with iOS 7 has had a major overhaul. Matching most of the other new apps, the app is mostly white. The layout is pretty much the same but there are a few things moved around here and there. When scrolling through message from someone you’ll notice that the text bubbles are springy, almost like if they were all attached to each other with rubber bands. It’s kinda fun. When sending a message, the words you type join into a bubble and that bubble sort of falls onto the page with the rest of the messages. I don’t like that animation as much but it’s ok. You can tell throughout the OS that there are a lot more animations happening both within apps and with the general system UI.

There are a couple really helpful things in the new Messages app. First, when creating a new message, you can see who is using iMessage very easily. Their name is highlighted blue when looking at the list of names and numbers. The other nice thing is you don’t have to scroll to the top of a message to get to the call or FaceTime button. Just tap contact on the right and you have quick access to those buttons.

One quick note, to forward a message you must tap and hold your finger on the message to get more options. There isn’t an edit button anymore. Finally, in the Settings app under Messages, you can now block numbers from texting you. This is a new feature that I know many of you have been using hacks for. So, get excited!


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  1. Thank you for including information regarding how to handle the edit function that is no longer visible in the Messages app. I think this is an awkward solution that I will have to get used to. It now takes an additional stroke than it used to for me to be able to delete selected messages instead of wiping them all out. I personally do not like this new look but I just installed 3 days ago. I’ve had to Bold the fonts, raise the contrast, and turn down the brightness for these old eyes. I’m hoping I will adjust to it as I use it but right now I’m not sold and am not ready to switch to the new iPhone. Although my contract is up I’m willing to wait. I really don’t like the appearance of the icons, I perceive them as too flat.

  2. Sherry Housley says

    The List of messages now includes the last text that was sent or received by that person. How do I change the setting to view just the names of the persons & not the text?