iDial 1.0.0

iDial Sick of your boring stock dialer keypad? Well, here is an app that gives you some variety…an old school dialer….and when I say old school, I mean OLD SCHOOL! When you install iDial it will add the iDial app to your SpringBoard. Once you have found the app on your SpringBoard, just tap on it and it will open to a rotary style phone. To dial…just tap on the number to want to dial and drag it around to the mark (you know…like back in the day)! It even makes the right sound! As you dial a number is will show up in the middle of the screen and the complete number you are dialing will show at the top…once you have the number entered, just tap the Call button to call it. The phone number at the top, is not displayed with dashes or spaces (probably so it works internationally). Now, as cool as this dialer is… [Read more…]