Must Have iPad Applications #1-5

If you have recently bought a new iPad I have some “must have” apps you should start out with. Of course, some apps you may wonder why they are so “must have” and argue that you don’t need them. Ok, you just might not. This is my list and there may be more that you would suggest (please do so in the comments). This is the first 5 and I will post more in chunks of 5 in the future. For what it’s worth, here’s my list: [Read more…]

i101 – Episode 17

Two notes: One, our youngest is only 6 weeks and not 6 months. Also, not sure why we’re getting the buzzing sound when transitioning since we never got it before. We’ll work on that.

Show Notes

Simplenote – review, – contact list, hurricane, post to Facebook,
Livecams – retina, pinch zoom,
Shazam – huge update,
QuadCamera – update: front facing camera,
Angry Birds – 15 new levels,