Visual Search of iPhone Apps by Bing

BingA friend of mine sent me a link tonight to a visual search result of “Top iPhone Apps”. It’s pretty sweet and when you click on an app, it takes you to a search result page for that app. Most of the results are reviews for that application. You can sort the apps by category, price, publisher, price range, & release date. The search uses Microsoft Silverlight so you’ll have to install that first if you haven’t already (and of course, like flash, Silverlight doesn’t work on the iPhone). This allows for a pretty sweet visual experience as apps move around all fancy while you sort them.

The weird thing is Microsoft just released their Zune HD which is a direct competitor to the iPhone and iPod touch. Microsoft is probably just being smart and accepting that the iPhone rocks and that they can monopolize on app search results. You can get to the search page here: [Read more…]