Prowl – Growl Notifications Pushed to Your iPhone

Available In: App Store       Price: $2.99  

ProwlThere is this sweet thing called Growl and if you don’t what it is, you can check out their website at It is originally developed for the Mac but there is also a PC version out now too. What it does is combine all of your notifications from your computer into one notification system. You can have it text you the notification, show a pop up alert, speak the alert, etc. With the iPhone app Prowl you can have the notifications push to your iPhone. There are a lot of features like choosing which apps to push to the iPhone and what sound it makes when you get the alert. The app even shows you a list of the recent alerts.

You’ll need to install Growl on your computer first if you don’t already have it. Then you’ll have to install the Prowl plug-in on your computer if you’re on a Mac. The PC version of Growl has Prowl built in. Once you have both installed on your computer, you’ll need to set up an account with Prowl. You can do this from the iPhone app or their website. [Read more…]