Online Chess – Play Opponents Online

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Online Chess I’ve always liked chess. I have a recollection of getting my butt whooped by Chessmaster 3000 on the computer. I’d play from time to time with a friend from school, and I really liked the movie “Searching for Bobby Fischer”. Thus, I was eager to give Online Chess a chance to get me going again with chess and with my first chess app on the iPhone.

With Online Chess, there is no computer opponent. It’s strictly you versus someone on the other side of the information superhighway. Online Chess connects to the Free Internet Chess Server (FICS), which boasts over 300,000 registered users and over 1,000 players online at any moment. The fastest way to start playing chess is to setup a quick pickup game. From here, you can determine the amount of time on the clock and how many seconds are added to your time on each move. You also get to determine starting color and whether you want to play a rated or unrated game. Once another player has accepted your challenge, you’re immediately sent to the game board. Other game options include issuing and accepting specific challenges from other available players online. [Read more…]