FrotzDeveloper’s description of game: Play interactive fiction on the iPhone. Plays most Infocom titles and other Z-Machine compatible games.

Three prechosen games are available in the installer under Zork Z-Code. They are Zork:_A_Trolles-Eye_view.z5, Zork:_Dungeon.z5 and Zork:_The_Cavern_of_Doom.z5. Below are screenshots of both Frotz and Zork Z-Code and they both are available through the Ste Packaging source:

Frotz SpringBoard Frotz
Frotz Frotz Zork Z-Code

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  1. Where can I find more of these games and how can I save a games? When I do “save” and then give a save name, I only get an error.

    • To fix the problem, ssh into your phone and do:

      # cd /var/root/Media/Frotz
      # chown -R mobile .