TTRDeveloper’s description of game: A fast-tapping game set to music.

TTR (Tap Tap Revolution) is similar to Guitar Hero…only on the iPhone! When the app is first opened there are four choices on how to import a song; new tracks, downloaded track, iTunes library and create new beats. The “New Tracks” allows you to choose one of the songs already put into the game for you. If you decide to play one of them, it will download and then go into your “Downloaded Tracks” section. The “iTunes Library” allows you to pull songs off of your iTunes and tap to those. However, they have to have beats already created for them. If they don’t have beats created you can go into “Create New Beats” which allows you to pick a song from your iTunes Library and tap out a beat to it, once the song is finished your beat is saved online and shared with people who have that song in their iTunes library.

Once you decide how you are going to import your song you click on it (I love clicking on things in this app, it is accompanied by a little burst of glitter). Then you click on the song that you would like to use. As the song plays little burts of light will come down the screen. As they cross over the white line at the bottom of the page you want to click on the line where the burst hits it. If you do it correctly a “good” graphic will show or even a “sweet”, if not, a “you suck” graphic will show. This app is seriously really SWEET!! You will get totally addicted! TTR is available through the Ste Packaging source. Here are some screenshots:


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  1. why is it that the developer never updates the “New Tracks” section?! -_-

  2. How can I save beats of my own songs in my library so I can play them without WI-FI connection?