1.1.2 Update

Apple has released another update for the iPhone, version 1.1.2 of 160MB. The two main reasons for the update are international activation and fixing (breaking) the TIFF exploit which was the open door to jailbreaking the iPhone easily. If you want my opinion, there is no reason to update unless you want the other language options. Now if you just bought an iPhone overseas and are stuck with the update you’ll want to wait about a week or so before a nice pretty jailbreak is availabe. We’ll keep in touch with the dev team and let you know what the best options are.

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  1. Thanks so much for updating the site and giving tips, I use it all the time and find it very very helpful.

    I miss you guys on jtv!

  2. yea so is there a jailbreak for firmware 1.1.2

  3. Where can I go to find the jailbreak for 1.1.2

  4. A trusted resource is HacktheiPhone.com for jailbreak info for 1.1.2. This allows for installing apps, thems and more, but not unlocking the iPhone with other carriers yet.

  5. M phone is unlocked with through at&t..so can I still use HacktheIPhone.com?