Customize Update 1.16

I noticed an update for Customize while out to dinner tonight so I checked out the more info option in and saw that they updated the icon reorder list feature. I just had to try it. Unfortunately, after the update that feature doesn’t work anymore, not at all. There is no dividers between springboard and hidden anymore, arranging icons has no effect, and the button to return back to customize does not work either. Also, no matter what I do, or don’t do, when hitting the home button on the iPhone the SpringBoard restarts and nothing has been affected… Not sure what’s up with that but definitely hold off until there is another update. Here are some screenshots from the update.

Customize 1.16 Customize 1.16 Customize 1.16

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  1. yeah , i found that if you uninstall it (customize) , make a custom order plist , and then re install it ….it’s ok , as long as you don’t even tap the Icon Display Order you should be safe until they update and fix this bug

  2. If you set the icon number to 16, it will work when you order your icons. :)