RainbowLight Update 2.5

RainbowLight I just did the update for RainbowLight to version 2.5…the only noticeable difference is a new “loading” screen when you first open the app. It wasn’t the update I was waiting for (one that keeps your light color when you reopen the app) but, a loading screen is cool too…better then just staring at blackness!! Here are the screenshots:

RainbowLight Update 2.5 RainbowLight Update 2.5

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  1. Incorrect

    Update includes a “blinker” option besides the 2.5 screen. Once it loads shake it and the light will begin to turn on and off like a hazard blinker.

    Shake it again and it turns back off.

    Your Welcome :)

  2. Thank you Jim for your thoughtful input! I tried it out…and you are right…it does also turn on and off as a blinker…it is pretty sweet!! I still wish it kept your color though…maybe the next update!