New Source – Soneso Repository

Today, I found a new source (it is the creating source of BlockPuzzle though BlockPuzzle is also available in the through Ste Packaging Source, and that is probably how most of you got it!) called Soneso Repository. There are only two apps it the source at this time; BlockPuzzle and IP. But, both are great apps. I have added the source to our Sources page. It has not been added as a trusted source yet because it is so new…however, so far, I have not had any problems with the source itself or either of its apps.

Source Location:
When you add the source, all its apps will be under the category Sonceso in your .

See our Sources page if you need information on how to install a new source on your iPhone.

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  1. Hey I want to know why when I submit the soneso url in the installer aplication this message pops up Error Unable to decode source at… I think thats the correct Url,please help I really want the soneso games and app