iPhysics Warning, this app is super addicting! It’s an interactive game that uses shapes and virtual gravity to manipulate other objects on the screen. That’s a broad description, I know. That’s because developers create all kinds of things from simple puzzles & mazes to “steering the fish” & golf! You gotta see the video to understand:

This app is available from the modmyifone.com source.

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  1. is it available through installer.app?
    Tartuga, Russia

  2. I’m sorry…we should have put that in the post…I will add it now. Yes, it is available in the installer.app through the modmyifone source. You can get the info on how to add a source on our sources page!

  3. So amazing !!! It is possible to have more maps ? and it is possible to register our creations ?

    Totally adictive game… I love it !!!

  4. Yes, you can get more levels from the R4m0n source – iphone.r4m0n.net/repos. You could try emailing the contact for the R4m0n source at admin@r4m0n.net about registering your own creations.

  5. Is this still on the Installer? I saw it the other day, but now I cannot find it. Was it taken down? This app looks amazing!

  6. I can no longer find it in the ModMyiFone source…but, you can still get it through the developer’s source – iphone.r4m0n.net/repos and iSpazio’s source – spaziocellulare.com/ispazio.xml. You get levels for the game through both those sources too.

  7. ok so i tried this app, and it works, but then i go to install other games, doesn’t work, then i download the fix for 1.1.3 and then i can’t open the app, help plz :(