New Game – Chess

Chess Chess is an app available in the through the Robota Softwarehouse source. This app opens to a standard chess game. You are white and the iPhone is black. To move your piece just tap on the piece you would like to move and then tap on the square you would like to move it to. The moves are shown at the bottom of the screen and who’s turn it is is displayed at the top of the screen. If you get stuck, you can tap on the Actions button in the top left corner and get a ton of options…you can get a hint, undo your last move, have the game make your next move, play a new game, save your current game, load your previous game, learn more about the app, and donate. There are some settings that you can change as well, just tap the Settings button in the top right corner. It will give you the option to save your game when you exit the app, 4 board layouts to pick from (Basic, Brown, Wood, Funky) and the ability to choose between eight levels of difficulty. The only thing this app is missing is the ability to play with 2 players. Here are the screenshots:

Chess Chess chess
chess Chess Chess Chess9 chess chess chess chess chess

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  1. Must be nice to get it with that nice icon, and not named Caissa. Also I only got a Wood and a Marble board background. Looks like you got a lot more.

  2. I think you might actually be confused with another game…called Caissa…which is also a Chess app…they came out at about the same time!! You can get this Chess app through the Robota Softwarehouse source.

  3. I love and support Chris always!