DressUp Update 0.01-1

DressUp There has been an update to DressUp in the Installer.app…this app is available through the Ste Packaging Source. The only thing I have noticed with the update is that every time you reopen the app it randomly changes the image next to the costumes…the image is selected from the pieces that can be used in that costume. Though, it could have done that before and I didn’t notice…someone who hasn’t updated yet…let me know if it does!! Screenshots:

DressUp Update 0.01-1 DressUp Update 0.01-1 DressUp Update 0.01-1
DressUp Update 0.01-1

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  1. there are so much unnecessary and crappy appĀ“s out there, most of them must be for children who like to play around. is there no app with which we can send websites or links from safari per mail? that would be something useful. regards S.

  2. Yes, this feature is already built in to Safari. When you are on a website just tap on the address at the top. Then tap share in the upper left corner. It will then open an email with the site title as the subject of the email and the link in the body. Hope this helps!

    Share links from safari Share links from safari

  3. Douglas, thank you! I was waiting for this answer ;) I didnt found it… great!
    best Stefan