New App – iDialer

iDialer iDialer is available in the through the ModMyiFone source. When you open iDialer it opens directly to your dialer. You can then type in the number you want to call and tap dial in the top right corner to make the call (you can also use the normal call button in the lower middle…I’m not sure why there is a seperate dial button on the top!). Note: you do not have to erase the default number to enter your number….just start typing in the number you would like to call!! I was totally confused at first…I was like, why wont this number erase!! If you do want to erase a number, once you have typed one in, just tap the back arrow in the lower right corner. To add a number as a contact just tap the contact button in the lower left corner. You can also tap Exit in the top left corner to exit the app without making a phone call. This app is just a quick way to go straight to your dialer…I could see it being useful if you put it on your dock or at least the first page of your SpringBoard…if not, I think it would be just as fast to go into your Phone and then your keypad. Here are the screenshots:

iDialer iDialer iDialer
iDialer iDialer

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  1. does this look up contact info as you type in the person’s name?

    • It looks up a contact’s phone number as you type in that person’s name. You can then tap the Contact icon in the lower left corner (once you have the contact) and it will scroll through all the numbers entered for that contact.

  2. William Wong says

    The iDialer for Iphone is wonderful. But if a feature “Edit before call” can be added as a new feature will make it more useful for many Iphone user. This is to facilitate user to make IDD call using a “prefix number” to replace the “+” sign for telephone number stored in the AB.

    Best regards

  3. How can you go beyond the first name. For instance, how can I type “bob” and then a space and then the last name. Otherwise I get all the Bobs in the phonebook. I know I could just put in the last name but is there a way to put in a space?

  4. what if i dial the pesons number will it bring up that number in the middle of typing like windows smart phone