iDialer 3.0

iDialer There is quite a difference between iDialer version 1.0 and iDialer 3.0 (apparently I missed iDialer 2.0)…including a new icon! This version also makes iDialer compatible with version 1.1.3. iDialer is dialer option that allows you to quickly search through your contacts, a variety of ways, to find the number you would like to call. This app does not replace your stock dialer it is simply another options with more features. When you open the app you will see a very retro style dialer with a menu bar at the top. If you select the Option menu you will get a ton of options! The first group of Preference are the Launch preferences that allow you to choose what features the app will have each time you open it. [Read more…]

New App – iDialer

iDialer iDialer is available in the through the ModMyiFone source. When you open iDialer it opens directly to your dialer. You can then type in the number you want to call and tap dial in the top right corner to make the call (you can also use the normal call button in the lower middle…I’m not sure why there is a seperate dial button on the top!). Note: you do not have to erase the default number to enter your number….just start typing in the number you would like to call!! I was totally confused at first…I was like, why wont this number erase!! If you do want to erase a number, once you have typed one in, just tap the back arrow in the lower right corner. To add a number as a contact just tap the contact button in the lower left corner. You can also tap Exit in the top left corner to exit the app without making a phone call. This app is just a quick way to go straight to your dialer…I could see it being useful if you put it on your dock or at least the first page of your SpringBoard…if not, I think it would be just as fast to go into your Phone and then your keypad. Here are the screenshots:

iDialer iDialer iDialer
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