Multimedia App – VNotes 0.30

VNotes VNotes is an app that allows you to record audio. When you first open the app you will see a blank screen with the options; Studio and Edit. To record a voice note…tap Studio in the top left corner. The app does not start recording until you tap Start Recording in the top right corner. Once you tap Start Recording you can begin talking…as you talk you will see that the app continuously tracks the duration, bytes recorded, average volume and the peak volume of your audio recording. Another nice feature is that, as you record, you can see the real time level of your audio volume so you can adjust the volume of your voice if needed! Once you are finished recording, tap Done in the top right corner. This will bring you back to the main menu where the recording has been added…it is automatically titled the date_the time you created the file. You can then tap on the recording and choose from the following options; Play, Send to Email, Rename, Export for Sendfile, Import Voicemail or Cancel. If you select Import Voicemail…it will bring your voicemails into VNotes…which is cool because you could then email a voicemail to someone! But…it just names them by number so you don’t really know which voicemail is which and it brings in is ALL your voicemails! It would be sweet if you could pick the voicemails you wanted imported. Back on the main screen of VNotes you will notice a Edit button in the top right corner. Under the Edit option you have the ability to delete recordings and if you tap on a recording you can rename it from there too. VNotes is available for install in the through the Ste Packaging source. Screenshots:

VNotes VNotes VNotes VNotes VNotes VNotes VNotes VNotes VNotes

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  1. Anyone tested it on firmware 1.1.2?

  2. It on firmware 1.1.2 —>Crash Very serious !!

  3. Hy,

    What is “export for sendfile” ? i selected that option and don’t find the file ! where is located ?

    Thanks in advance for reply,



  4. Dean…SendFile is another app by Erica Sadun…available in the Ste Packaging source. It allows you to email any file located in the ~/Media/Documents folder. You have to have that app installed for it to work.

  5. I just installed Vnotes 0.30 to my iPhone 1.1.1 and it worked for about 3 minutes then crashed my phone. I also noticed that when you start using it, it messes up your iPhone’s system sounds (makes them sound “muddy” or “muffled”). The same thing happened when I tried to install VNotes 0.23, and had to uninstall that as well. I was hoping that this version was fixed, doesn’t look like I can use it. I hope someone out there has better luck!

    Love this site guys, thanks!!

  6. @Douglas

    Thanks a lot for your quick reply & information, i notified…thanks


  7. @Tim…It could be conflicting with another 3rd Party app you have installed. I have had it installed for awhile on 1.1.1 and have not had a problem with it crashing.

  8. Hi there,

    I’m wondering if someone could help me with the voicemail issue. I’m using the iPhone in Singapore but can never receive any voicemail. Is there any software out there I can install or it is a service provider’s issue? Thank you!


  9. what is the source to get this vnote.

    please let me know

  10. Hi I used voice notes and after a few minutes of recording after i stopped it crashed my iphone and it restartet. since that moment nothing with sound was working anymore no sound from ipod and no movies anymore . also no calling sounds etc. I will have to redo all the procedure (jailbreaking etc.) to reset it… or does anyone have a better Idea?

  11. Same issue, it cashed and the sounds have stopped on my phone speaker. The restore also did not resolve this issue.
    I installed the new version of vnotes and strangely on the playback, its showing the vol slider at 0, and try as you may to move it just shifts back.

  12. Hi! Does anybody have VNotes working on firmware 1.1.3.? I just installed it, but when I’m trying to open it, it just opens a blank white window for a sec and then returns back to the main window. Anyone, any experiences? I’d really need this app (or similar??) so if you could help me with anything, i’d really appreciate it!


  13. I installed the BSD subsystem and now VNotes works!!! YES!!!

    But I also noticed that now I can’t get to the list of recently made, recieved, and missed calls. when I try to push the icon, it goes straight to the main screen.. nice… any advice?

    • Janne, did you solve the last problem, I have same release with you and I doubt to install BSD subsystem but if you solved I can try also.

  14. There seems to be an 0.31 update… has anyone tested it on a 1.1.3 device ? Thanks for answer…

  15. Steen Vilsfort says

    Try to install on 1.1.1 – says it require 1.1.3 where can I get a version that can be installed on 1.1.1

  16. Grate iDea….

    I Can Be A “Killer App” (at list for me)
    if you could Assign the voice note files to
    Calendar Schedule, that would “phone”
    me with the msg!!!

  17. Installed VNotes yesterday on 1.1.4, seemed to work fine except sound was muffled after i closed the app.
    Entering Sound settings restored the voume to what it was, which i accepted seen as its a beta.
    Today i lost all sound so I uninstalled VNotes, sound working again.
    I hope Erica fixes this prob coz its a great app.

  18. i had it befor on 1.1.4 vnotes ,and didn’t work good so, i installed iphone recorder and i love it.
    in fact i bought it, and it’s working great .

  19. Will vnotes work on firmware 2.0.2. ?
    is there an equivalent?
    thank you

  20. hi all,
    pls help me.
    i want to voice recording softwares for iphone 3g.
    pls show the link..