Multimedia App – VNotes 0.30

VNotes VNotes is an app that allows you to record audio. When you first open the app you will see a blank screen with the options; Studio and Edit. To record a voice note…tap Studio in the top left corner. The app does not start recording until you tap Start Recording in the top right corner. Once you tap Start Recording you can begin talking…as you talk you will see that the app continuously tracks the duration, bytes recorded, average volume and the peak volume of your audio recording. Another nice feature is that, as you record, you can see the real time level of your audio volume so you can adjust the volume of your voice if needed! Once you are finished recording, tap Done in the top right corner. This will bring you back to the main menu where the recording has been added…it is automatically titled the date_the time you created the file. You can then tap on the recording and choose from the following options; Play, Send to Email, Rename, Export for Sendfile, Import Voicemail or Cancel. If you select Import Voicemail…it will bring your voicemails into VNotes…which is cool because you could then email a voicemail to someone! But… [Read more…]