Chess Update 1.1 & 1.2

Chess There are some updates to Chess in the through the Robota Softwarehouse source. With the update to version 1.1 there have been some changes made to the Settings. If you tap Settings you will now find an option to turn the Sounds on or off. If you turn Sounds on…you will get even more options…you can adjust the Volume, and turn on or off the Move Sound, Select Sound, Hit Sound and Illegal Move Sound. The Settings have also been put into nice little categories (Game, Layout, and Sound) which is nice an organized! I did not notice any visual changes in the update to version 1.2. Let me know if you notice anything! I did notice with both the updates that the first time you open the app it does not show that Please Donate below the board. The Screenshots:

Chess Updae 1.1 Chess Updae 1.1 Chess Updae 1.1
Chess Update 1.2 ChessUpdae1.1(2)

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  1. The last update is 1.2

  2. Huh…I don’t have 1.2 in my

  3. I found the update to 1.2 on another iPhone…I will add it to my post right now.