PhotoBoard Update 0.3.2

PhotoBoard PhotoBoard has been updated to version 0.3.2 in the and is available in the Ste Packaging source. The update to PhotoBoard adds a few new features. The first change you will notice is to the intro screen which has a new image! Another change is that the Setup option now functions and allows you to adjust the brightness of the wallpaper background. But, the coolest part of the update is that when you go into the Roll option it brings up all the images in your Camera Roll and you can choose which images to import into the app!! It used to just pull in the photos automatically starting with your oldest photo. It even gives you a little thumbnail of the photos so that you know which picture to choose (it will not give you a thumbnail for screenshots). Another new feature that you can change which photo is on top of the other…just tap on a photo and it will bring it to the top of the pile. Though, I have noticed that if you import a screenshot into the program it is a weird size…I’m not really sure why that is…it like stretches it! Overall…a very good update! Here are the screenshots:

PhotoBoard Update 0.3.2 PhotoBoard Update 0.3.2 PhotoBoard Update 0.3.2
PhotoBoard Update 0.3.2 PhotoBoard Update 0.3.2 PhotoBoard Update 0.3.2

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  1. The splash screen stills says 0.3.1 even tho the program is the updated 0.3.2.
    Confusing? A bit.

  2. It doesn’t stretch screenshots… it inverts the pixel dimensions. So anything that is supposed to be viewed vertically gets “squished” to the horizontal. The only way to combat this is to rotate the image counter clockwise in a photo manipulating program.

    Big fun.