PhotoBoard Update 0.4.0

PhotoBoard There is an update for PhotoBoard in the through the Ste Packaging source. One change you will notice is in the Setup Menu…there is now an option in the upper right corner call Credits…it gives credit to some of the people involved in creating the app. The major change with the update is that you can now pull images from any of your Photo Albums and not just your camera roll which is sweet! Also, when I import a screenshot instead of a photo…it no longer pulls it in as a weird size! You will also notice that the app has a new and improved icon! I am still waiting for two options to come to this app…the ability to delete a photo once you have already imported it into the app and the ability to either add what you have created to your camera roll or email it! Here are the screenshots:

PhotoBoard Update 0.4.0 PhotoBoard Update 0.4.0 PhotoBoard Update 0.4.0
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PhotoBoard Update 0.3.2

PhotoBoard PhotoBoard has been updated to version 0.3.2 in the and is available in the Ste Packaging source. The update to PhotoBoard adds a few new features. The first change you will notice is to the intro screen which has a new image! Another change is that the Setup option now functions and allows you to adjust the brightness of the wallpaper background. But, the coolest part of the update is that when you go into the Roll option it brings up all the images in your Camera Roll and you can choose which images to import into the app!! It used to just pull in the photos automatically starting with your oldest photo. It even gives you a little thumbnail of the photos so that you know which picture to choose (it will not give you a thumbnail for screenshots). Another new feature that you can change which photo is on top of the other…just tap on a photo and it will bring it to the top of the pile. Though, I have noticed that if you import a screenshot into the program it is a weird size…I’m not really sure why that is…it like stretches it! Overall…a very good update! Here are the screenshots:

PhotoBoard Update 0.3.2 PhotoBoard Update 0.3.2 PhotoBoard Update 0.3.2
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New App – PhotoBoard

PhotoBoard PhotoBoard is available for install through the as a part of the Ste Packaging source. The app opens to a screen that gives you some basic info about the app. To start the app just tap the screen. It then brings up the picture you have set as your wallpaper and to get the menu, tap and hold your finger on the screen. You can then choose from three options; Roll, Group and Setup by moving your finger to one of the three images (while still holding your finger down). The first time you select the Roll option, it will bring in a picture of a city…from then on when you choose the Roll option it will bring in pictures from your Camera Roll – starting with your oldest photo. You can then move and resize the pictures by using two fingers. Once you have a few photos on the screen you can choose the Group option. This will put the photos that are on your screen into a group and resize them, making them all the same size. Once they are in a group, if you choose the Group option again it will move the group of photos around the screen. The Setup option does not work at this time. There are a few things I would like to see in this app that it does not do. You can not change which photo is on top or which photos are pulled in. It would be cool to be able to use this app to make photo collages and have the ability to save them or email them! Here are the screenshots:

PhotoBoard PhotoBoard PhotoBoard
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