MMS Update to SwirlyMMS 0.2

SwirlyMMS There has been an update to MMS in the through the Ste Packaging source.

Note: This app has changed it’s name, icon and repository source. It is now called SwirlyMMS (previously just MMS) and is available in the Ste Packaging source (previously the source).

Using SwirlyMMS
This app allows you to send images via text messaging. To create a new text just tap the New MMS button in the upper right corner. You can then title you Text, enter the recipient and choose the image you would like to send. To add a title, just tap in the space next to Title and begin typing. To add your recipient just tap on the blue plus button next to To:..this will bring up your Contact List and you can tap on the contact you would like to add. You can not send to multiple contacts at this time. To pick the image you would like to send, just tap the plus button next to File:. This brings up your Camera Roll and you can scroll through your pics until you find the one you would like to send. Once you find the image you would like to send, tap on it and then you will need to tap Pick in the top right corner to actually choose the image. You are only able to send one image at a time. (I do find that it takes a little time to get used to how the images show up…you kind of get a vertical thumbnail of the image and as you scroll down it opens up to the full image. It is nice that you get to see the whole image but, I think I would rather just have a thumbnail and quickly scroll through all of them.) Once you are finished…tap Send to send the image. Check out the screenshots below!

Setting up SwirlyMMS
Now, before you actually use this app…you need to set it up. You will notice a Settings button in the lower right corner of the main screen. When you tap on Settings you will get a new screen with all the information you will need to set up such as; your MMSC, Proxy, APN, username and password. You are also able to select what size you would like your images to be when you send them…the options are Maximum which will not resize your pic, High which is about 300kB with a resolution of 600×800, Medium which is about 100kB with a resolution of 300×400, Low which is about 25kB with a resolution of 300×400 and Minimum which is about 8kb with a resolution of 150×200. From the Settings menu you can also choose to erase all of your sent history!

To get information on how to configure MMS to work for you check out the Developer’s site and scroll down until you see Configure MMS server and APN settings.

Can and Cannot’s of SwirlyMMS
It can send images via text messaging

It cannot receive images via test messaging
It cannot send any other files…like text, songs or movies
And as far as I can tell it cannot send to multiple contacts or send multiple images.
However, these are all things that I’m sure we will see in future update!!

SwirlyMMS SwirlyMMS SwirlyMMS SwirlyMMS SwirlyMMS SwirlyMMS SwirlyMMS SwirlyMMS SwirlyMMS SwirlyMMS

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  1. Great article Brooke!


  2. What are the settings for AT&T?

  3. Thank you Tommy…keep up the good work!

  4. Hello, I did the up date for SwirlyMMS 0.2 ( I used to have the mms) but installer is aking for a update in mms as well, when I do that he akes for update SwirlyMMS, and then ask again to up date MMS.

    Can anyone help me?

  5. @ Paul…it is here under AT&T (USA)

    @Joe…yeah, it did that to me too…I just ignore it (the update saying MMS 0.1)! It will go away on it’s own…I find this happens with a lot of apps I update…it has to do with having the apps in more then one repository.

  6. Thank You Brooke!

  7. No problem!

  8. Under Installer I installed the old version of MMS. Right off the bat its trying to upgrade to 0.2 version and gives an error. I have restarted installer and the phone with no luck. It keeps showing an update available on the installer icon too.

    Message reads:

    Package download failed: can’t connect to host!

    Any help would be greatly appreiated.

  9. @Jonathan…so, you have the old version called MMS right now and you are trying to update to the new SwirlyMMS version 0.2?

  10. please setings eplus germany thx

  11. @senad….you can find it here.

  12. Sorry but the eplus setings are not correct

  13. That is a link from the actual developer…so, I would try contacting the developer to see if he knows of a different setting. You can contact him by going in to the and clicking on the app then tapping on contact.

  14. What is the source for swirlymms to install?

  15. Hey I need some help. i installed the SwirlyMMS 0.2 and somethings wrong with it now. ok i opened the settings to apply them. firsts i put in the “MMSC” saved then exited to found a “PROXY”. entered a proxy, saved then exited to find a “APN” but when i tryed to reopen it… it went to the logo screen the shut down and sent me back the the home/dock. so i uinstalled it and tryed to open SwirllyMMS and it just keep doing it again. have i messed up something with my iPhone now? why wont it let me open it?

  16. Doen ‘t support 1.1.3, crashed !

  17. hi..installed..but i guess only the icon is good for evey… seems that it doen’t work with 1.1.3…crashes as soon as you tap on it((((…..

  18. Hi everbody !
    I need help !!
    I’v installed the swirlyMMS apps with the installer apps of the IPhone.
    Once it’s done, I try to open SwirlyMMS to manage the settings, but it doesn’t work. The apps strats and shut down directly without any possibility to set anything…
    Once this problem will be managed, I will have to know the settings for SFR in France. Does anybody can give a help?

  19. Tengo el icono de SwirlyMMs pero tocarlo se abre en la caratula despues en la pantalla para mensajes y se cierra inmediatamente, no me permite configurar ni hacer nada , como compongo este problema? por favor si alguien sabe hagame saber, gracias.

  20. I have the icon of SwirlyMMs but to touch it opens in caratula despues in the screen for messages and it is closed immediately, does not allow me to form nor to do nothing, as I compose east problem? please if somebody knows how hagame to know, thanks.

  21. Me too, just keeps crashing any ideas?

  22. has anyone found the solution to why we cant access swirlys after the settings are applied?i have uninstalled several time and finally gave the way my version is 1.1.4 maybe thats the problem?

  23. dont work, just shut down!

  24. i installed mms on 1.1.4 and it wont let me send anything? am i doing anything wrong?

  25. does anyone have the settings for tmobile in the u.s. i set it up off what i found on other sites and it acts like it wants to send then i get an error that says it can not connect to the proxy (connect failed)

  26. yankeesrule says

    anyone have settings for iphone running 1.14 under cellularone? thank you.

  27. blackmesa says

    hi, I would like to ask..
    I’ve got an iphone unlock with firmware 1.1.4
    I installed swirly mms, put correct data, but when I had pressed the send button, I was told: Failed to send MMS
    The network reported:service denied(pe)
    Do you’ve got any idea, what is it about? what is going on?
    USERN: o2wap
    PASSW: password
    image size – medium
    wifi – of
    edge – on

  28. iphone swirlyMMS setting for warid Pakistan

    APN: mms.warid


  29. thankx a trillion ! thanks alott
    it worked !! :D

  30. hayee Alam plz tell me da settings for telenor pk???for iphone

  31. dear alam it worked for my iphone for send only still cannot recieve mms?

  32. Alam Doesnt work for me …
    it says http unexpected response (-1)

  33. whats the settings for the unitedstates swirlymms
    the proxy?
    email me at

  34. does this work for at&t accounts i heard it doesnt but if so whats the setting for proxy mmsc apn

  35. hey. i have the iphone with tmobile and i downloaded the swirlymms and its telling me that i have to change my mmsc and apn and i dont know what to do. can anyone help me?

  36. I have swirlymms and registered.. it can receive and send mms..
    But i couldn’t save mms pictures.. how can i save received mms pictures to my iphone or my Pc

  37. Dee Williams says

    I have AT&T and have tried just about every setting…can someone help? This is what keeps popping up?

    Failed to send MMS

    Possible incorrect mmsc setting. Unexpexcted http response (HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden)

  38. Sean Constantine says

    Great app for a feature that is not included in the phone by default. The usability is a bit challenging once you begin to heavily use it. I’m sure we all are very excited to see MMS support in the new iPhoneOS 3.0 coming this summer.

    Big thanks to SwirlySpace for making a workaround to process MMS directly from an App on the iPhone while Apple built this functionality into it’s TXT app!