New App – Listen

Listen Listen is a SWEET new app available in the through the Ste Packaging source. The purpose of the app is to identify songs that are playing. So, if there is a song playing and you are like…Dude, I like this song, I wonder what it is…just open this app and it will tell you! (well, most of the time). As soon as you open the app it begins taking a five second recording of the song that is playing. You will then get a screen that says…”Finished recording. Contacting info server.” If it finds the song in the database, it will give you the name of the song, the artist and the title of the album. If it cannot find the song in the database it just stays on the screen “Finished recording. Contacting info server.” If this happens you have to close and reopen the app to try another song. This app is still in beta mode…but, it has major potential! I did find that your iPhone needs to be pretty close to the source of the music playing…it cannot pick up a song from across the room. Also, you can have only the song playing…if people are talking, it wont pick up the song. Though, it does have a pretty good database…there was only one song that I tried that it could not find. I did notice that it had an easier time finding the song if I waited until after the intro music when there were actual words being sung (though I’m not sure why that would affect anything!). Now all the app needs is the ability to buy the song on iTunes! Overall…VERY SWEET! Here are the screenshots:

Listen Listen Listen Listen Listen Listen Listen Listen Listen

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  1. Nice, I like this app. Really useful, although it doesn’t always work. :P

  2. Yeah…I really like this app too. I think it works surprisingly well!! There have only been a few songs that it couldn’t find…it even found a few songs while people were talking in the background (though it doesn’t normally work when people are talking). I still think it is super sweet!! Now all it needs is some way to save the song so when you reopen the app it is still there…that way you can do a bunch of songs and later go on iTunes and get them…or to make it even better, a way to just buy it on iTunes right from the app!

  3. I guess this doesn’t work with the Ipod Touch.
    Or has it got a secret microphone in it?

  4. Please a little help. I have an 1.1.4 version i have downloaded ste packaging but i can not see “Listen” in the packages. Can you please help me.

  5. Hallo,
    i dont see the Listen in my sources too?

  6. Can’t find listen anywhere, on erica’s page it says she’s no longer working on it. Do any of these apps work?

  7. This app is no longer being developed at the moment. Erica ran into a problem with licensing for the server that the iphone has to contact to get the information on the audio track. Apparently the company that owns that server wants some crazy money to license the service at tune of over $100,000 so new versions were not made for 1.1.3 or 1.1.4 and no longer is it available from STE sources so you will not find it on installer. Sorry to those who never had a chance to demo it. Its a great product and hopefully with the SDK, Apple or someone will work with that greedy company to get this rolled out to everyone!

  8. laica2121 says

    Hi, I Can’t Find The App, Can You Send Me A Zip ?