Listen Update Beta-05

Listen Listen has an update in the through the Ste Packaging source. This is a great update! Almost everything I wanted to see with an update! The first thing you will notice is there is a new icon! The app itself also has a new look! When the app opens, it no longer starts immediately instead, you tap the screen when you are ready to record. While it is taking the five second recording…the screen says, Hold iPhone to Music. When it is done recording it will tell you that it is contacting the server. If it is able to find the song…it will give you the same information that it previously did (title of the song, the artist and the album). However, now you will notice the option to Send Note in the upper left corner…this will open an email and automatically drop in all the info about the song into the email and you can just email it to yourself! If you do not want to email the info you can touch the screen to find another song. Another great part of the update is that if it does not find the song it says, Song Not Found…and gives you the option to touch the screen to try to find another song! A very good update!! Still missing the iTunes thing…but maybe we will see it in the next update. :) Here are the screenshots:

Listen Update Beta-05 Listen Update Beta-05 Listen Update Beta-05
Listen Update Beta-05 Listen Update Beta-05 Listen Update Beta-05 Listen Update Beta-05

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  1. Cooooooooool! :)

  2. Too bad it does not run with 1.0.2 firmware… when I tried to install it, it gave me an error. And I’m currently stuck with that version!

  3. It seems like it doesn’t work as good as it used too.

    And about the skin: An A+ for the effort, but I still think it looks pretty awful :(

  4. @generator…you must be a boy! :) I bet you wont get any complaints from us ladies!

  5. little-lived beta-03 had the itunes feature, but for some reason it’s gone now. man, i shoulda stayed away from updating it. does anyone know where to find the previous version?

  6. version .06 is working again properly

  7. is beta 0.6 really working or is it just my iphone?…any help from somebody!..or why it dont work??..

  8. @rekken…this app does not work any more…something to do with the place the app was pulling the info from. I think you were technically supposed to be paying for it!