Listen Update Beta-06

Listen There is another update to Listen in the through the Ste Packaging source. The only change made to the app is that it will now tell you if the server is down or if it just couldn’t find your song. Here is the screenshot:

Listen Update Beta-06

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  1. i cant find this app.. and i think this is a really cool app….i already got the source, but its not there….help?

  2. I have the ste source but cannot see the app in my list ??
    I added
    Any ideas ? Thanks in advance

  3. Sorry guys…this app has been pulled from the source because I guess the service is supposed to be paid not free…so they said it could not be used!

  4. Buuuuu….


  5. Any way some who grabbed it before it was pulled could share it?

  6. Still looking, but it is listed here, but cannot find the d/l yet:

  7. Discussions are here: