Caissa Update 0.84 & .84b

Caissa There have been a few updates recently to Caissa in the through the i.Marine Software source. The majority of changes with the updates were bug fixes and code things but, there are was one visual change to the app. Save on Exit has been added as a preference in the Options. The rest of the changes are listed below! Here are the screenshots:

Caissa 0.84b-alpha
– skin and add-on support fixed for pieces
– crash bug #66 addressed (thanks HotStuff2 for catching this)

Caissa 0.84-alpha
– Save on exit mode
– fixed preference discrepancy for first time users
– 8 bugs were addressed(2 crash bugs, 2 desync and other 4 were nonsense of a different kind)
– Minor engine tuning.

Caissa Update 0.84 & 0.84b Caissa Update 0.84 & 0.84b

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