Caissa Chess 0.89

Caissa There are a few pretty cool new features with version 0.89 of Caissa. The most obvious is that the options in the lower menu now have little icons! Very cool! Also, there is now the option to flip the board…this will flip the black and white piece to the opposite side of the board…so, if White is on the top of the board and you tap Flip, it will move it to the bottom and put Black at the top. There were also supposed to be new letter markings…making the bottom go from H to A instead of A to H but, mine did not change. [Read more…]

Caissa Update 0.88

Caissa YAY…new icon. Version 0.88 of Caissa brings us a new and improved icon for the app! Ok, not new, it is the same icon but now it is all roundy and nice! There were a few other improvements and fixes (listed below). I did find that with version 0.88 when I save a game and then go back in to Load a saved game it just closes the app and I am not able to get to my saved games. I’m not sure if this is an issue with compatibility with 1.1.1 or not (though it worked fine with the previous version 0.87)….let me know in the comments if it is working for you. However, if you like to save and come back to your games… [Read more…]

Caissa Chess 0.87

Caissa I was surprised when I saw version 0.87 in the for Caissa. I was surprised because the app’s title had changed…it is no longer titled just Caissa but Caissa Chess. I like it! Version 0.87 also makes Caissa Chess compatible with 1.1.3!! Though, the coolest new features are the quick save and multiple save features. When you select Save in the lower menu bar…you are now given a little screenshot of the game (exactly how it looks when you select save) and the ability to add a title to the game by using the keyboard…once you have your title entered just tap Return on the keyboard to save that game and go back to the main play screen. You can then choose a saved game by tapping on the Load button on the lower menu bar…what is cool is that it doesn’t just show you the title of the saved game but the little screenshot of the game too. Also, [Read more…]

Caissa Update 0.86

Caissa There are some really cool new features with the update to Caissa! When you go into the Options menu you will notice that there is a new option called Letters…if you tap on it you are given the option to choose None or Original. If you choose original it will put corresponding numbers(vertically) and letters(horizontally) on the playing board…that way when someone moves or the game gives you a hint of e2d3 you know what it is talking about!! If you do not want the letters on the board…just select none. Now…the coolest part of the update! [Read more…]

Caissa Update 0.84 & .84b

Caissa There have been a few updates recently to Caissa in the through the i.Marine Software source. The majority of changes with the updates were bug fixes and code things but, there are was one visual change to the app. Save on Exit has been added as a preference in the Options. The rest of the changes are listed below! Here are the screenshots: [Read more…]