Caissa Chess 0.89

Caissa There are a few pretty cool new features with version 0.89 of Caissa. The most obvious is that the options in the lower menu now have little icons! Very cool! Also, there is now the option to flip the board…this will flip the black and white piece to the opposite side of the board…so, if White is on the top of the board and you tap Flip, it will move it to the bottom and put Black at the top. There were also supposed to be new letter markings…making the bottom go from H to A instead of A to H but, mine did not change. Also, I had to uninstall, restart my iPhone and reinstall the app to get the Load feature to work again. Below are the screenshots and the rest of the change log. Caissa Chess is available through the i.Marine Software source.

Caissa Chess 0.89 Change Log:
    * Core animation for moves
    * In Human vs. Human mode caissa undoes one move, when against Comp it reverts yours and opponent moves
    * Half a dozen bugs fixed in Human vs. Human mode
    * Memory leak associated with animations fixed

Caissa Chess 0.89 Caissa Chess 0.89 Caissa Chess 0.89 Caissa Chess 0.89

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  1. Hi. I add i.Marine Software source into my iPhone and update my last Caissa Chess 0.88 to the new one 0.89, but after finished,pop up showed I have a new update, I look at update and see the old version 0.88!!!
    Any help

    • Yes…I get that A TON in my installer…it makes things very confusing…it is a glitch in the Installer and usually happens when an app is available in more then one source. You can just ignore it!

  2. I ran the update, and, like previous versions, I am unable to save or load games without it crashing.

    As far as the update reporting an older version, it does this because you have two sources each of which has a version on it. You may want to delete the source for the older version (you can check it in the install panel), but you may loose other applications the source provides).

    Anyhow, if any of you guys know how to repair the issue of crashing at save (right after giving the file a name, so it looks like a write problem) let me know. I suspect this may have to do with the relocated /Applications directory on my phone, but I’m not sure.

    • I might also add that I’m running 1.13.

    • You absolutely must run the atest version of

      Try to launch the appication via ssh and send me logs. I am sure we can figure this one out :)

    • Mitch…I had to actually uninstall the old version and then restart my iPhone and then reinstall the new version for my save and load feature to work (it didn’t work if I just updated it).

  3. also, try to move/delete all saves. If you jumped from 0.86 to 0.89, saves are not backward compatible.

    However if you say you can not save, that tells me we have a permissioning problem. I myself run 1.1.1.

    • I tried uninstalling and reinstalling (.89) and no dice. I am running the latest installer app. Where are the save files located? That might very much be the problem. It is saving that kills it. Also, tell me which logs you’d like and how to launch the application over ssh. I’ll be happy to provide you with anything you’d like.

  4. In 1.1.3 saves have to be in ~/Media/Caissa/Saves folder,
    in 1.1.1 it was in /var/root/Media/Caissa/Saves

    But I don’t think that your problem associated with bad saves.

    In order to retrieve logs, you need to logon into your iphone via ssh and run
    the app in shell


    Just copy paste me the output from the console.

  5. Hello, I have a 1.1.4 iPhone, I just installed Caissa Chess yesterday, today I tried to play but when opening the game it says, ” ALERT This software has expired, please download the newer version” I checked installer but there is no newer version. Anyone knows how to solve this?

    • Same problem, but I was playing with Caissa on my 1.1.4 Touch the other day, so the “expired software” thing doesnt have nothing to do with FW issues.

    • happening to me too. I was actually searching google for a solution, which is how I found this thread.

  6. Same problem here as well, and I’ve been using it on 1.1.4 for quite some time. Any idea why this is happening?

  7. yeah… the same with me

  8. I have the same problem but when I change the date in my iphone to january or february it working good … this is not a 1.1.4 problem but only a limit date for the program

  9. I find the built expiry very deceiving… Not sure I am trusting the author anymore.

  10. Leo Richardson says

    Mind stop working it say Alert This software has expired, Please download the newer version. I have a 113 Phone. Help Please

  11. So,
    1. the app “magically” has expired.
    2. the app has locked itself, right in the middle of play!
    3. author suggested to update, since there is no updates in installer.
    4. author announced version 0.90 on the web, but failed to provide update source.
    5. author keeps silence on this issue.
    No more comments…
    Nice attitude, author! Anyone would like to donate?

  12. I agree that it was very deceiving of Ioffe to program Caissa with an expiration date without telling anyone. The reason is most likely so that Caissa 0.90 can be distributed through SDK, which would have been an OK cause had he been frank with the public about it. There is however a simple solution to get around this problem; if you want to continue playing for free simply set the iPhone clock to before March 26, 2008 (The expiration date).

  13. I had the problem with getting an error advising that it had expired. Having a dig around for info I found this which may shed light on why there has been no 0.90 update…

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