Caissa Update 0.88

Caissa YAY…new icon. Version 0.88 of Caissa brings us a new and improved icon for the app! Ok, not new, it is the same icon but now it is all roundy and nice! There were a few other improvements and fixes (listed below). I did find that with version 0.88 when I save a game and then go back in to Load a saved game it just closes the app and I am not able to get to my saved games. I’m not sure if this is an issue with compatibility with 1.1.1 or not (though it worked fine with the previous version 0.87)….let me know in the comments if it is working for you. However, if you like to save and come back to your games…you might want to hold off on the update until we can figure out exactly what the issue is. Caissa is available through the i.Marine Software source. Below are the screenshots:

Version 0.88:
    *Human vs. Human mode
    *Black vs. Computer
    *New middle-ware layer, dropped experimental support for Xboard protocol
    *Bug fix for crash when undoing intensively
    *Game status view
    *On undo, when pawn is being promoted, ExtraPieceView? will hide now
    *Memory leak when promoting pawn to queen fixed.

Caissa Update 0.88 Caissa Update 0.88

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  1. I just tried to replicate and it works just fine. We have 1.1.1 on all development platforms. Can you copy/paste and mail me logs ?

  2. No problem!

  3. You can try to delete/move away all saves. It should remediate your problem.
    I just want to emphasize that nothing has changed in load/save subsystem between 0.87 and 0.88.