Caissa Chess 0.87

Caissa I was surprised when I saw version 0.87 in the for Caissa. I was surprised because the app’s title had changed…it is no longer titled just Caissa but Caissa Chess. I like it! Version 0.87 also makes Caissa Chess compatible with 1.1.3!! Though, the coolest new features are the quick save and multiple save features. When you select Save in the lower menu bar…you are now given a little screenshot of the game (exactly how it looks when you select save) and the ability to add a title to the game by using the keyboard…once you have your title entered just tap Return on the keyboard to save that game and go back to the main play screen. You can then choose a saved game by tapping on the Load button on the lower menu bar…what is cool is that it doesn’t just show you the title of the saved game but the little screenshot of the game too. Also, when you are in the Load setting and you have more then one saved game it will put little white dots on the bottom on the screen (you know like SummerBoard does!) and then you can scroll through all your games and their screenshots! It’s pretty cool! I also found that the actual options for the levels have not changed…they still go from -4.0 to 10.0…but, it seems like -4.0 is MUCH easier to play! There were a few other non-visual tweaks and fixes…they are listed below, the screenshots are below too!! :) Caissa Chess is available through the i.Marine Software source.

Change Log 0.87:
    * Updated chess engine, implemented few new xboard commands
    * Xboard protocol support with certified chess engines
    * bug fix #102. Thanks Nestor
    * bug fix #104. Thanks Grandma
    * bunch of memory leaks were addressed

Caissa Chess 0.87-alpha Caissa Chess 0.87 Caissa Chess 0.87 Caissa Chess 0.87 Caissa Chess 0.87 Caissa Chess 0.87 Caissa Chess 0.87

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  1. Exclusive for your website:

    Almost all buttons can react differently on double click.

    Double clicked:
    hint – > will move a piece actually
    save -> will save game to quicksave slot
    load -> will restore game from quick slot.

  2. SWEET! Those are good hints!

  3. Hello,

    I have an iphone 1.1.2 version and was wondering how can I install caissa chess and allow to play on my phone, cuz when I install the caissa chess .89 it says the software had expire and need to download the newer version. Can you please help me here.

    Thank you,