RealArtist Update 0.2

RealArtist There is an update to RealArtist in the through the Ste Packaging source. The app now gives you the option to choose a photo out of your Camera Roll. If you tap Other Photo in the upper right corner…it will give you kind of a vertical thumbnail of your photos and you can just click on the one you would like to add to the app. When you are done “creating” you can now tap on Snap, in the upper left corner, and it will take a screenshot of your screen and put it into your Camera Roll. Though, it saves it as kind of a weird size. Overall, very cool updates! I am also able to use the Dock app with RealArtist since the update…however, I still get some glithiness in this app. Here are the screenshots:

RealArtist Update 0.2 RealArtist Update 0.2 RealArtist Update 0.2

RealArtist Update 0.2

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  1. I accidentally deleted all of my photos, but had them saved on iphoto. will this app work with photos that i added to my phone through iphoto???

  2. It will only take photos that are in your Camera Roll and not any other synced Photo Album.