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WeTool WeTool is an app that allows you to delete individual text messages, send texts to a notepad and delete individual call entries. This app is available in the Installer.app through the ModMyiFone.com source. The app opens to a page giving you information about the app. There are five options on the lower menu bar…Featured, Call Log, Text Log, Preferences and About. Featured is the what the app opens too and About gives you even more info about the app. If you tap on Call Log you will get a list of your Call History – they are in order by date and time. The outgoing calls are blue and the incoming calls are black. If you tap the delete button in the upper left corner…you are able to delete individual call entries or you can move the entries around by tapping and holding the three bars to the right of the entry and then dragging it where you would like it. When you are finished…tap Done in the upper left corner.

If you tap on Text Log on the menu bar, it will open your SMS History – these are also in order by date and time. The outgoing texts are blue and the incoming texts are black. From here you can delete individual text messages (the same way you did the call entries) or you can tap on More in the upper right corner and save the message to your notepad. There is also an option for Secret message however, it is not activated yet. When it saves it to your Notepad…it will show up as the subject of the text. If you open the Note it will give you the full text message and the phone number that the text was from. Now for the fun part of this app! If you tap on Preferences you will get a wheely thing giving you 18 choices for transitions…just tap on the one you want and then tap on the screen to bring the menu bar back up. To test your transition just tap on one the menu options. Below are some screenshots:

WeTool WeTool WeTool WeTool WeTool WeTool WeTool WeTool WeTool WeTool WeTool WeTool WeTool WeTool WeTool WeTool

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  1. Has anyone tried the WeTool? I can’t get it to source, so I can download it from imodifone.com. Can anyone send me step by step directions on how to download it? Thanx

  2. I love this application, one of the best for deleting call history, and the latest update for showing different icons for the Received, Missed and Dialed calls, amazing.

    I have two comments though:
    1. This tool – I guess – reads only the mobile phone number of the contact, so if I have a home number for a contact, then the weTool will show the number, not the name from the contacts although there is a contact.
    2. I think there should be a preference for showing “First, Last” or “Last, First”.

    Keep it up

  3. @nora…I have weTool version installed. I know ModMyiFone.com has added itself to the Community Sources…you could try updating your Community Sources to version 3.1….then weTool is under the category Utilities in the Installer.app.

    If you want to actually download the file(not using the installer) you will have to open the file…unzip it and drag it into your root/Application folder on the iPhone via OpenSSH.

  4. after installing , original call history is broken, when tabbing on it . switches to homescreen

  5. When trying to save longer sms (seems > a single sms mesage) the app dies back to homescreen

  6. we Tool doesnt work on 1.1.3

  7. There currently is a petition on http://www.iphonefeatures.org to get apple to change the way apps are installed so they don’t need to go thur itunes anymore

  8. My iphone 16GB, model MB384LL, doesnt work. Why?

  9. Does anyone know if weTool works with firmware 2.2?

  10. It’s beautiful

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  13. Good


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