Utilities App – Taskbar Notifier 0.8

Taskbar Notifier is an app that puts a little icon on on your Status Bar (the bar at the top of your iPhone with the carrier logo on it) when you have a missed text message or an unread email. When you have an unread email a little envelope icon will appear in your status bar and when you have an unread text you will get a little SMS bubble. This is just a code app so when you install it…you will not get an icon on your SpringBoard. I have noticed that it doesn’t always work correctly. There are times when I have unread emails and there is no icon in the status bar…and another time when I restarted my SpringBoard the icon went away even though I hadn’t read my new text message yet. But, overall it works pretty well. I would love to see it put an icon if you have a new voicemail too!! This app is available in the Installer.app through the Ste Packaging source. Screenshots below:

Taskbar Notifier Taskbar Notifier Taskbar Notifier
Taskbar Notifier

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  1. true taskbar notifications goes away no matters if you saw the mails or sms but its great app!

    p.s wow i love that theme! where do u got it?

  2. Yes…this app could definately use some work…and the theme is one that I made out of all the pink stuff I could find! Let me know if you want it…I can give you a zip file of it.

    • Hey.! Brooke.. I would like to know.. how do i put my name on the status bar of my Iphone.. for example.. in te photo here.. i see u have ur name “BROOKE” next to signal bars… I want to put my name there.!
      How do I do that.?

    • I use an application called MakeItMine. You can get it in Cydia via the modmyi source.

  3. that will be great! thanks so much.

  4. Click HERE for the zip file!

  5. I have a problem where the email icon never goes away !

    • You need to rename ~/Library/Mail/Envelope Index to ~/Library/Mail/Envelope Index_old. Then reboot your iPhone!

  6. I have this app on my iphone and its showing a red sms bubble and it wont go away! I have tried uninstalling Reminder and it still wont go away! Please help!