Classic NES ROMs 3.3

NES Lots of people have trouble finding NES ROMs (games) or getting them uploaded to your iPhone. If you just want a few quick games, Swell Source has a few in the that you can install. Here’s the list of apps it installs:

Chip & Dale
Chip & Dale 2
Donkey Kong
Donkey King Jr.
Donkey Kong 3
Donkey Kong Classic
Dr. Mario
Duck Hunt
Paper Boy
Paper Boy 2
Shooting Range
Super Donkey Kong 2
Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros. 2
Super Mario Bros. 3
Zelda 2

Classic NES ROMs Classic NES ROMs Classic NES ROMs Classic NES ROMs

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  1. Ive put in the source, and it just wont go through to showing up in the, Its not showing up anywhere in there? Any suggestions?

  2. I’m having the same problem. No apps show up after adding the source. even after 2 or three refreshes. ideas?

  3. exactly ive done it a few times as well, nothings happening, Got any Ideas?

  4. just go to the site with safari with your iphone/touch

  5. Sorry…the source has been changed to – We will update this on our sources page!

  6. works perfect Brooke, Thanks Alot!!

  7. is anyone else having trouble? I enter the address into installer sources AND try going to that address and it doesn’t work, please help, thanks!

  8. Are you adding – – to your sources? It is case sensitive so you have to have a capital S on Swell.

  9. great!!! thanks

  10. brooke ur so awsome it worked perfectly. do u have a source for gba games?

  11. gadgetgogadget says

    hey where is it putting the roms in what dir.?
    cant find them

  12. gadgetgogadget says


    found them!!

  13. vaeavesasev says

    i installed it and even checked the roms in the ssh and they’re in teh right folder
    but when i go in NES it says no Roms found T_T

  14. Hi I need sources with Classic NES ROMs 3.3

  15. Try setting the media folder’s permission’s to 0755. It worked for some reason for me.

  16. I tried adding to my sources but I can’t seem to find where the NES roms are. Can anyone help me please?

  17. I can’t get it to work as well

  18. I just uninstalled it and did it over. And it still won’t play. I just keep getting ” no nes rom not found”

  19. I have installed it all and it still says “no roms found” … Im so a noob about the SSH, can someone point me to a good tutorial for SSH please?

  20. the files are in the wrong directory. they need to be in the /var/mobile/Media/ROMs/NES directory.

    1. ssh into the iphone (assume Openssh is installed, note password is either dottie or alpine)
    2. create the ROMs/NES directory in the under /var/mobile/Media/
    3. copy all the ROM files from /private/var/root/Media/ROMs/NES directory into the /var/mobile/Media/ROMs/NES directory.

    This should work.

    • Okay, like i said, i’m a noob on SSH.
      I got into the files via WinSCP.
      I made the new directories.
      How do i get them to save?? When i exit and try NES it still doesnt work. I go back in to the files and the new directories are there but the ROMs did not save to the directory….. help please?

  21. SSH help please

    • ssh help:
      For Mac – use the terminal, for Windows – download putty
      ssh -l root
      password = dottie or alpine

      cd /var/mobile/Media/
      mkdir ROMs
      mkdir ROMs/NES
      cd ROMs/NES
      mv /private/var/root/Media/ROMs/NES/* .

      Hope this helps.

    • I havent tried putty, but i do have WinSCP like i said before. I just want to know how to save once I have moved the files in WinSCP? When i move them then exit they dont save to the new directory. Ill try putty if I have to but i got winscp to work so far id like to finish the job and learn more about it at the same time with winscp.


  22. Da187suspect says

    I tried the following and it works perfect, I’m running 1.1.3

    First open “Installer”

    Tap on “Sources” in the bottom right corner.

    Tap on “Edit” in the top right corner

    the tap on “Add” in the top left corner

    Enter in source exactly as follows: (Make sure the letter S is capitalized.

    Once you’re done adding the new source, tap “Done” in the top right corner. should refresh the sources automatically but sometimes it takes twice for them to show up correctly.

    Adding the NES games:

    Go to Install, scroll down to Games.

    Install “NES” emulator for the iPhone.

    Then go to “NES ROMs
    Install “Classic NES ROMs”

    Now you’re set to go.

  23. Da187suspect says

    Found a GREAT Source to install 257 NES ROMs

  24. muchas gracias por esta informacion de verdad muchas gracias saludos

  25. scousermike1 says

    Can someone help me please.
    I’ve instaled Swell source through Installer and got the NES and ROMS. All fine until i click on a game…..i don’t have the A or B buttons showing or the Direction crosshair.
    It’s just blank under the game screen.

    Do i need to adjust something ?
    Tried to uninstall and install again but it does the same thing.


  26. sorry…i’m new here…can i have some classic NES game sources????for i phone..thank you.

  27. sebastian says

    u can’t save can u? i tried..but its not under saved games

  28. does this work for the itouch too?

  29. i added NES, and it keeps saying that there are no found ROMS?
    can some please help

  30. Get an error “unable to decode package at

  31. i got the ROMs but when i try to download it it says “Unable to decode package”

    :/ some help, pleeeaaasseeee???

  32. I get the same answer unable to decode

  33. I got the same “unable to decode” msg too~ Anyone have an answer for this?

  34. I get the same problem, please help…i love me some Mario thx

  35. Unfortunately I’m getting the same “unable to decode message” as well =(

  36. how to nes file open
    ple solution help

  37. John Doe says

    cool >__>
    i was looking for this app