NES Updated – Works on 3.0

Available In: Cydia       Price: $5.99  

NES NES 3 is NES “rewritten” and upgraded. According to the developer the game has been “rewritten from scratch and optimized supporting the iPhone 3.0.” So, while you wait for the rest of your apps to be updated for firmware 3.0, at least you can play ROMS. There is one catch, the app is no longer free…it costs $5.99. No free trial either. Also, the it currently only works in portraite mode (landscape mode is coming in the future). [Read more…]

NES 2.0.5

IconA couple of nice changes have come with this update, Including 1.1.3 full compatibility! And some better some ui enhancements. Here is the change log:

  • 2.0.2 Added saved game icon next to saved games in all browsers
  • More code cleanup
  • Improved swiping, removed false swipes when scrolled from center [Read more…]

Classic NES ROMs 3.3

NES Lots of people have trouble finding NES ROMs (games) or getting them uploaded to your iPhone. If you just want a few quick games, Swell Source has a few in the that you can install. Here’s the list of apps it installs:

Chip & Dale
Chip & Dale 2
Donkey Kong
Donkey King Jr.
Donkey Kong 3
Donkey Kong Classic
Dr. Mario
Duck Hunt
[Read more…]

NES 2.0.1 Update

NES Here is what the change log shows for updates:

Fixed preference groups to appear with correct headings
Cleaned up orientation changes and fixed scrambled screen bug
Added NSAutoreleasePool
Added LayerKit transitions for aesthetics

In English that means your games are now under lettered categories (see screenshot) and you can browse through them like your contacts by selecting a letter from the far right. There are also nice transitions from the menus to the games with the controller smoothly gliding in. So it’s prettier and more organized :)

NES update

NES Update 1.12.0

NESThe Nintendo Emulator for the iPhone has an update today. According to the change log they “added case-insensitive sort of files, bookmarks, and saved games” and “added support for left-handed landscape mode (turn clockwise).”

nes update 1_12_0