NES Updated – Works on 3.0

Available In: Cydia       Price: $5.99  

NES NES 3 is NES “rewritten” and upgraded. According to the developer the game has been “rewritten from scratch and optimized supporting the iPhone 3.0.” So, while you wait for the rest of your apps to be updated for firmware 3.0, at least you can play ROMS. There is one catch, the app is no longer free…it costs $5.99. No free trial either. Also, the it currently only works in portraite mode (landscape mode is coming in the future).

Personally, I don’t play ROMS enough to shell out $5.99 for this app but, if you are one of the many that are addicted to having ROMS on your iPhone or iPod Touch (and I know there are many of you) it might just be $5.99 well spent.

If you are one of those addicted, we would love to see some screenshots in the comments. You can get NES 3 via the BigBoss source.



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  1. That’s some bull. They’re making you donate also for gameboy4iphone and gpsphone, I’m sure there’s more too, but I haven’t checked. Deff. wont be paying for these.

    • ya i now the mostly only reason ppl use to jb their fones was cause of these cool games and stuff now like man y pay for it man this is dumb i hope it becomes free

  2. It was only a matter of time before Zodttd did this. He does a lot of work for us and should be recognized. But what is happening to the jailbreak community. During the 1.1.X days, everything was free. The 2.0 upgrades brought the AppStore and many clones with it. By 3.0, nothing is gonna be free, even cool and simple things like emulators and games. **sigh** I bet one day they will even charge for the jailbreak, sooner or later. That will be the day Apple wins this battle of cat and mouse.

  3. thats crap

  4. Ok!

  5. you guys are rude, this guy has put in so much time for us so some respect
    i will gladly pay thank you so much
    ps people pay 30 to 50 bucks for one normal game you cant pay 5 for endless games

  6. B. Rizzle says

    I wouldn’t mind paying $ for this, so long as the iControlPad was ever released. The iPhone’s touch screen is amazing for most things. Playing ROMS is not one of those things.

  7. Well i got a psp and a I forgot all about iphone emulators… Thank GOD! (oh and the psp runs faster :P)

  8. You know if it was for something he actually created that would be fine. I’d even say 1 dollar or 2 would be good. But let’s face the facts. He’s re-packaged an emulator that plays games that are being downloaded without paying for them. While I’ll probably buy this let’s keep this in perspective.

  9. Did Zodttd actually create this emulator by himself? Also, I don’t recall anyone ever charging for an NES/SNES/GB video game emulator before. Bad form.

  10. its very disappointing that he decided to charge people for it now……

  11. He must have worked very hard for this to be a $6 app, it’s not that bad considered today games are as much as $60.

  12. It’s not Zod it’s a different publisher. Btw, in case none of you know, it is in fact illegal to sell emulators and ROMs.