NES 2.0.5

IconA couple of nice changes have come with this update, Including 1.1.3 full compatibility! And some better some ui enhancements. Here is the change log:

  • 2.0.2 Added saved game icon next to saved games in all browsers
    • More code cleanup
    • Improved swiping, removed false swipes when scrolled from center
  • 2.0.3 Cleaned up controller images
    • Documentation updates
  • 2.0.4 Updated for 1.1.3 (runs under ‘mobile’ user)
    • Everything is now under /var/mobile
  • 2.0.5 Fixed Game Genie code saving

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  1. Is it just me or since being on 1.1.3, the icons at the bottom screen for the all games, saved games, bookmarks and most recent aren’t showing up. I can see the text, but no graphic. Same with psx4iPhone.

  2. Edit: I just ssh’d in and realized that for some reason there are none of these icons in either of the two apps. If you have the same issue, just copy paste these icons from the snes or gba app: History.png, TopRated.png, Bookmarks.png, and MostRecent.png. Make sure to not change their names even though the text for them inside the application shows “Saved Games” and “All Games” instead of “History” and “TopRated”.

  3. how do i add game genie?

  4. how can i install it from

  5. i can’t add the games nes pls tel me how

  6. this website would be really awesome if people would actually help out.

    i’ll do what i can… lets see…..

    well i can’t answer any of these questions. I dont get any wifi at my house so it was hard for me to get NES working but i got it.

    I got everything out of installer. I had to add the sources for BLAZE ultimate. you can google that to find the source i forget it. after you get blaze ultimate you need to install the following:

    Planet-iPhones (NES) -> Classic NES ROMs
    and of course.

    now here is my question. i got everything working but the SAVE doesn’t work at all. i have fw 1.1.3.

    i have the version that is supposed to be fully 1.1.3 compatable, but i guess not saving????

    is anyone else having any luck??

    • Hello jb, the issue is that 1.1.3 has strict file permission requirements. Set 777 permissions on the folder /var/mobile/ROMs/NES

  7. ok i’m doing a search on how to do that now. hopefully ill have it before you see this post. i heard squid can do this or something i will find out


  8. hi… it seems like a few others are having the same issue as me… i am using 1.1.3.. and also have a macbook..(no pc) so how the heck can i get roms onto my phone? i have tried the one where you add the source something like marlmonmine… something repo etc… anyways it didn’t work… is there a source i can add that will give me roms and my nes emulator will recognise?

    any help would be cool!


  9. THAILAR!!!!!!!!! Thanks man. It wasn’t easy. As I stated above I don’t get any wifi at my house so WinSCP is out of the question for me. I have been installing sources like crazy though. I found one that said ALL SOURCES (over 70+ sources that I have found.)

    after doing this i went to install and i had a mobile finder app fix for 1.1.3. I tried to download it 10 times but it said Main Script Execution Failed. I tried anyways though and found that Mobile Finder worked correctly now.

    With Mobile Finder I easily changed the permission on the folder Thailar recommended and I can now save games!!!!!!!

    So much better now, I will have to beat Zelda 1 again!!

  10. Just a solidarity post. With SSH and cyberduck, I changed the permissions on the ROMs > NES folder to 777, and voila! I can save games again. Off to beat the ice world on SMB3….

  11. Working NES Roms through Installer:
    Adds a huge number of ROMs into NES.
    Server still available at time of post. Do hurry.

  12. Can you tell me how to instal the ROMs i cant get NES to work on my iphone

  13. It works….Thankss a lot all of u…..

  14. It works great…Thanks all of you for the info…

  15. i have placed the roms in var/mobile/media/ROMs/NES, changed the permissions to 777 but it said the octal somthong needs to have 4 digits?
    can some one help!

  16. Why won’t it ever save any of my games? I have it on auto-save and nothing ever happens? What am I missing?

  17. to download nes games do u have to have 1.1.3

  18. hi can the nes game work on 1.1.4 version and if so can I please get some assistance with it working on my phone. Help please!

  19. porkchop says

    hi i am using 1.1.4 firmware i tried to use the ibrickr and the winscp software but i guess they will only work for 1.1.3 firmware. is there a new software or an updated version of this 2 softwares that will work on 1.1.4? i’m desperate i want to have a nes game on my iphone. please advice. thanks

  20. hi, i cant find Roms for nes,,,please help