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ColloQColloQ is available through from the source. This is a fan update by mBranes of the community of the original Colloquy app. ColloQ is an IRC client for the iPhone, allowing users to connect to any IRC channel directly from their iPhone. mBranes has taken the open sourced Colloquy app and fixed many bugs and added some great features. Here are some notes from the developer:

ColloQ is feature packed with many things that you just need to have in an irc client including:

* More notifications are visible: joins, parts, nick changes, etc.
* Channel/PM timestamp
* Activity notification on main chats screen
* Channel member list allows access to user functions:
* Start/Resume PM
* Op, Deop
* Ban, Kick
* PM views now include a “Close PM” button
* Fonts and icons are now smaller – screen real estate is precious!
* “slash” commands: /join, /me, /msg, /query, /nick, /ns, /cs, /ms, /os, /raw

Also many of the bugs from the original mColloquy have been fixed including loss of first message and the all annoying crash when following web links!

I have found ColloQ to be a lot cleaner looking than Colloquy, and I love the fact that ColloQ does not bug out frequently like Colloquy. I would highly recommend this to anyone using Colloquy or in need of an IRC client for their iPhone. Check out the screen shots below:

Note: If you look at the Channel members screenshot, you can see NerveGas is there. He has contributed a lot to the iPhone hacking community, including my favorite! NES! Also, notice that the #iphone-dev channel is alive with chat, everyone is working around the clock to hack 1.1.3!
ColloQ - In the Installer ColloQ - On Springboard ColloQ - Intro screen ColloQ - Adding a IRC channel ColloQ - Channel view ColloQ - Channel members window

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  1. i’ve installed colloQ on a german iphone, but i have serious problems with umlauts like ü ö ä ß and such… posts with umlauts will not shown by colloQ or just with “NULL”. Anybody some idea to fix this problem?

  2. I sendt an email to the author the other day about that problem, today i got an answer from him that he had just fixed that problem and it would be included in a new update comming soon.

  3. Gero Schallenberger says

    This is a really horrible translation of your very nice English site.
    I’m from Germany, but this German translation hurts.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. is this app ported / capable of running on 2.0?