New App – ColloQ

ColloQColloQ is available through from the source. This is a fan update by mBranes of the community of the original Colloquy app. ColloQ is an IRC client for the iPhone, allowing users to connect to any IRC channel directly from their iPhone. mBranes has taken the open sourced Colloquy app and fixed many bugs and added some great features. Here are some notes from the developer: [Read more…]

Colloquy Version r70 Crashing

I’ve had troubles with the new Colloquy crashing. I do have 4 IRC channels open but that shouldn’t matter. The only way to fix it is to disconnect from the channels and restart Colloquy. Here are some screenshots:

Colloquy crashed Colloquy r70 Crashed Colloquy r70 Crashed
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Colloquy Update Version r70

Colloquy has updated to Version r70. It now allows for spell correction! It also has colored usernames, a username list, timer counting connection length, and a reorganize settings page. Here are some screenshots:

Colloquy r70 Update Colloquy r70 Update Colloquy r70 Update
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