iPhone 101 – Episode 4

It’s finally here! After a server change we are back with Episode 4!

New Sponsor
New Writer – Jacob
New Forum
Firmware 1.1.3
iPod Touch Update
iTunes Movie Rentals
Malicious Source
Starbucks Concept
iPhone as Webcam

Altec Lansing Dock
Belkin Tunebase
NewerTech Dock
Concept Car

3rd Party Apps

Web Apps
Cinema Times

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  1. Hey guys, nice vid.

    What’s the source for that Starbucks app?

  2. Doug’s working on it right now!! Show notes should be up in the next ten minutes….sorry about that! But…it is SUPER sweet!

  3. I believe this is a mockup application, I found a link that shows it at http://www.genoco.com/link/interactive_quickOrder.html

    Peace in Christ
    Marco Napoli

  4. @Marco…yep, totally a concept app…but still very sweet.

  5. Thanks Brooke.

  6. To MARCO: Yeah, of course it’s a mock up. What’s funny is the fact that the Genoco website used an iPod Touch instead of an iPhone… that gives it aways right there. Plus, Steve would have announced it at Macworld. Geeze… I really want to go to one of the Macworlds before I die. Hey, looking on the bright side, at least I didn’t decide to go this year!

  7. @Tim…You’re right Mr. Jobs probably would have announced it at Macworld…I think he is as addicted to Starbucks as I am!! And…everyone needs to go to Macworld…it should be a law! :)

    @Marco…Thanks for the link, since we don’t have ours up yet!! :)

  8. The design of this application is very sweet, I like it.

  9. Did you and Doug go to Macworld?

  10. @Tim…not this year!

  11. Thanks for the shoutout!

  12. YAY Brian…hi Brain…I have been on a few nights looking for you to tell you about the podcast…but you weren’t there! :(

  13. Ahh, I’ve been off :) But I’m always reachable via AIM (it forwards to my iphone too)

  14. Nice episode, again!
    I like the laughing… :P

  15. great video! keep it up guys

  16. This episode will not play on my iphone… incorrect format.

  17. Are you subscribing via iTunes? I have tested it on mine synced from iTunes and it works. Brooke is testing hers now….

  18. I just synced and Episode 4 works great on my iPhone! I am getting the vid through iTunes.

  19. Can you guys please make a low or medium version of the podcast? It is a real pain in the butt to download a 249 MB file. And it get worse if you have a 600k DSL connection.

    I really love to watch your podcast, but the main reason for why I’m not subscribing to it via itunes is the size.

    Please? :)

  20. @rafa….thank you for the suggestion!!

  21. Thanks for another great show!

    BTW. I had the same problem as another commenter, it wouldn’t play on the iPhone and it came from an iTunes subscription. I cancelled my subscription, resubscribed and let iTunes redownload the episode and it worked fine.

    You guys are great, this can’t be the first podcast you’ve done, it’s so professional. What other shows have you worked on?

    Thanks again!


  23. When are you releaseing ep

  24. i want a episode 5 now ! :) love ur show

  25. the iPhone makes those noises with other electronic speakers because of the wavelength att uses.

  26. hey guys! love the show. when is episode 5 goona be put up? it been awhile.

  27. Tony Wilson says

    The Belkin FM Transmitter works horribly. I only use it to charge my phone.


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