LocateMe Update 0.4

LocateMe The update to LocateMe version 0.4 makes a few changes to the app. It is available in the Installer.app through the Soneso Repository source. One change is that the description of the app that is displayed on the main screen is slightly different. Also, the white bar where the longitude and latitude coordinates used to be displayed is gone and the coordinates are now display towards the middle of the screen along with some other new info about your location. Where it used to display your coordinates it now tells you whether it is using a cached location or it is a new location. One thing I wish this app had was a refresh button…it keeps bringing up a cashed location in which I am no longer at…it doesn’t seem to want to update. However, when it does work it is pretty accurate for me! Below are the screenshots:

LocateMe Update 0.4 LocateMe Update 0.4

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  1. This program wouldnt work for me at all until the .04 update. Now it pinpoints my location to within close proximity. However like you said it never updates now. It continues to use my old location. How can I get this to refresh or update, or is it going to continue to use the old location. Just trying to find out why this simple feature was overlooked. Why would a program thats designed to find your location use old info without ever refreshing?

  2. I have that same problem. there find always my old place.

  3. I have the same pretty accurate over here in Hiolland. But also no refresh. What ‘works’ with me is starting it at the new location, close it via the Home button and then open it again. Suddenly then it refreshes. But a refresh still would come very much in hand.