LocateMe Update 0.5

LocateMe The update to LocateMe is pretty sweet! Now when you open the app, and it starts searching for your location, it tells you everything it is doing like…connecting, obtaining cell info and how many times it has tried, how many cell towers it found, how many cell towers it is using to find your location…and a few other things but it was going too fast and I couldn’t read them all!! Once it has found your location it will tell you how many cell towers it is using to find your location and it now tells you what Country you are in and what cell network it is using to find your location. There is also a bunch of information about the cell towers that are being used…I have absolutely no idea what the information means but, if you do, it is there for you! I personally am having some issues with this app since the update…for some reason it is caching the last place I checked my location and it is not updating to my current location…but, when it found my previous location it was very accurate! LocateMe is available in the Installer.app through the Soneso Repository source. Below are the exact changes via the Developer and the screenshots:

LocateMe 0.5:
– way better triangulation, more accurate positioning
– improved exception handling
– display of network and country
– display of cell information
– improved cache

LocateMe Update 0.5 LocateMe Update 0.5

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  1. I’m guessing that since this app tracks the device via cellular towers, this app wont work on the Touch….

  2. does this also work with routers scanned by verizon like the new map.app? if not, who needs this? noone?

  3. No, it uses cell towers. I personally LOVE this app and think it is SWEET! I guess it is directed toward iPhone users!

  4. This app is not working for me.

    I used the NateTrue jailbreaking method to 1.1.3 and running on t-zone hack. Any help?

  5. i have an iphone im from venezuela an it finds me in venezuela and find my phone service provider but when a hit show in map it shows im in the pacific ocean does anyone know how to fix this ???