Fixes for 1.1.3 Jailbreak

The early release of the jailbreak for 1.1.3 by Nate True has had it’s issues. Here are some easy fixes available in

Google Maps locate feature did not function – Installing Navizon and running once should cause this feature to work permanently.
Google Maps hybrid feature did not function – Installing Navizon and running once should cause this feature to work permanently.
iPhone doesn’t play ringtone when receiving call – Install 1.1.3 Ringtone Fix from the via BigBoss source (
Installer warns running out of space – Install 1.1.3 Soft Upg Cleaner from the via Ste Packaging source…this will remove the 300MB file used to upgrade.
OpenSSH won’t uninstall and/or reinstall – Install MobileFinder and use it to delete LocalPackages.plist in the private/var/root/Library/Installer/ folder then Install BSD Subsystems & OpenSSH. However, the 1.1.3 soft upgrade version 2.0 will save backup of LocalPackages.plist and allows you to reinstall everything including BSD Subsystems & OpenSSH.
POP/IMAP mail password issues – Install 1.1.3 Mailfix from the via BigBoss source (
EDGE & Network settings not being saved – 1.1.3 Prefs Fix from the via BigBoss source (

If you know of any other errors with fixes please let us know and we’ll add them to the list.

*UPDATE* – If you’re having other troubles see Nate True’s 1.1.3 Jailbreak F.A.Q.s

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  1. hey.. this is an error with no fix
    the passcode lock function has a lot of bugs. if u set a passcode it wont come into affect. then u try to change the passcode and wen u enter the old passcode it sez wrong passcode.. WIERD but who cares 1.1.3 rocks

  2. This is insanely funny because I used this “iPhone only” jailbreak on my ipod with NO glitches what so ever all I had to do was follow the instructions install a Springboard patch and all of the features work with no problems what so ever. I even used the 1.1.3 iphone firmware with ibricker.

  3. Sweet…that is awesome that it worked for you!! Though, most of these errors wouldn’t have effected an iPod Touch because they have to do with the baseband and things like Edge and the ringer which the iPod Touch does not have. Though, I am slightly jealous because I am on 1.1.1 (until it is a little more safe!!) and I wish I had wiggly icons!! :(

  4. Hi,

    First of all thanks for the email response about my network problem if you still remember. i still experience it though. But for now i need help about SSH on 1.1.3 i know i need to install it but cant find the mobilefinder app on my installer. I hope you could help me with another way or tell me where to get mobilefinder or its source. Thanks.


  5. hey!

    Done the firmware upgrade from jailbroken 1.1.2 to 1.1.3 without any hitches. The above fixes are really good however I’m having difficulty changing the ringtones from stock. Any ideas? I’ve tried using my normal app for it (itoner) but it doesn’t look like it’s working ;o(

  6. fixed it!
    itoner does work but you’ve gota change the file extension first (.m4a to .m4r) works like a peach. Got a fully jailbroken 1.1.3 with itoner working….nice!

  7. @George…MobileFinder is available through the Ste Packaging source. If you go to the All Packages Category in the it should be in there. But, it is in the Productivity Category too!!

  8. @welsh-dan….I glad you got it to work!! Thanks for posting what you did to fix it…that really helps!

  9. thanks i solved my problem regarding mobilefinder but heres one more i cant update installer to version 3.0b10. i’ve read your previous comments and did reinstalled installer and BSD too. still it says “package dowload failed” on the featured screen of the installer theres a note saying to set something that i dont understand can you please help me on this thanks

  10. I installed Navizon and try running it but I keep getting an error message saying it is unable to connect or something. I am running on the t-zone hack. Any help?

  11. I am having problems with 2 things:

    1) I cannot pair my phone with devices that previously paired with it prior to 1.1.3 upgrade via

    2) after i use installer, i am always prompted to input my voicemail password.

    Anyone got fixes for these?

  12. 1.1.3 Firmware can’t get the address book to display who is calling when cell rings and only show the number.. Please help me to fix this problem…

  13. HI, I’m having a lot of issues. I own two iphones. I’ve used the nate true upgrade and one phone works ok but I don’t have any ringtones, can’t play itunes preview .
    The other phone lost the sound completly and is slow to respond. I’ve installed all the new updates and nothing works . I’ve also rebooted the phones several times
    and performed the headphones option ( in and out of socket ). Currently I’ve stored the phones because they’re useless. Please help me. I’ve also noticed that one of my phones is performing poorlyl on battery. Both phones were upgraded from 1.1.1 to 1.1.3. Thanks for your help.

  14. i have a unlocked/jailbroken 1.1.3 iphone, when i assign ringtone to the contacts, the default ringtone plays instead, any fixes for this?

    thank you