What we’ve learned after doing the 1.1.3 jailbreak

OK, so we did the 1.1.3 jailbreak using a previously jailbroke 1.1.1. Below are some of the things we learned. We do plan on adding screenshots to this eventually! If you would like to see the live blog from when we upgraded click HERE.

Things that do not work so well:
~ Google maps Hybrid feature does not work…either does the Location feature (it just spins)
UPDATE: Locate and Hybrid View in Maps.app can be fixed and does work! See comments 10, 13, and 14 below! ~Jacob

~ Edge symbol does not show up though it seems Edge is working

~ Previously installed 3rd party apps do not show up on SpringBoard though they are in the Uninstall list in the Installer.app – you have to go in and uninstall and reinstall them all.

~ Cannot OpenSSH into the iPhone even after reinstalling BSD Subsytems. HOWEVER, we finally got it to work after installing MobileFinder and using it to delete LocalPackages.plist in private/var/root/Library/Installer/. We could then install BSD Subsystem and OpenSSH and were able to OpenSSH into the iPhone. Note: Deleting your LocalPackages.plist removes all of your installed apps and you will have to install everything again (which you have to do anyway so that they will show up on the SpringBoard).

~ SummerBoard and Customize do not work and will not install.

~ It does not keep any custom add-ons like dialer, chat bubbles, battery image, slide to unlock text, carrier icon…etc.

~ BossTool is no longer in affect and all my old Applications are in Private/var/Applications and all new apps are in /Applications

~ Ringer does not work but all other sounds do.

Things that work:
~ Wiggling Icons work

~ Rearranging icons and dragging them to the next page work

~ Keeps all information like previous text messages, notes, emails, music, podcasts, photo albums, camera roll, appointments in calendar, alarms etc. It does not keep your WiFi WEP code.

~ You can install most 3rd party apps. Some of the ones we have installed include; Installer (obviously), MobileFinder, BBInfo, Apollo, iSnake, iSolitaire, NES, EvolutionRGB, CameraPro, Flashlight. LocateMe does not work…it installs but does not find location.

New Features of 1.1.3
~ Wiggling Icons

~ Rearranging icons and dragging them to the next page

~ Settings – Contacts option has been removed from main menu…still available under Phone Setting. Under Phone Settings in AT&T Service option dialing codes for options now present ex) directory assistance – 411. Added International option under General Settings…though this was part of 1.1.2.

~ iTunes – New Redeemed button under downloads…for use of iTunes giftcards.

~ Safari – Instead of plus sign to the left of the address bar it is a magnifying glass which opens your search option. Plus sign (bookmarking ability) moved to the center of the bottom menu bar.

~ Text messaging now shows entire text message not just small portion of the message and the options are close or reply instead of view or ignore

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  1. i tried to do this jailbreak last night, but kept getting error that my phone was not already jailbroke. After reading this blog, I see there is no good reason for me to do this 1.1.3 jailbreak. The one feature I wanted, Google locater, does not work.

  2. That is true…the Google locater does not work unless you upgrade your baseband…we haven’t tried that yet…when we do, we will write a post about it.

  3. how about the lyrics for the ipod, wasnt that a new feature in 1.1.3?

  4. David Patrick says

    Cant change the Wallpaper with 1.1.3 hack can anyone help me fix this I choose picture for wallpaper, it says saved, reboot bu the wallpaer is still black, thanks all

  5. great news about the jailbreak on 1.1.3 firmware, however it’s really disappointing that the really cool features aren’t working…google map hybrid, location feature and not being able to use summerboard and/or customize…. can’t get a ringtone either means I’m staying on my jailbroken 1.1.2 for the mo!

  6. hey brooke,

    can u clarify the
    “~ Ringer does not work but all other sounds do.”

    dose that mean the phone wont ring??

    and all in all is it worth the time and risk??

  7. UPDATE: I manually installed Summerboard via SSH from a backup and it runs but has no effect on anything. Also, as of right now, my opinion is that it’s not worth it (the upgrade & jailbreak from Nate).

    Summerboad on 1.1.3

  8. likwidfuzion says

    The BossTool is simply a symbolic link that points /Applications to /var/Applications

    This is exactly BossTool does: http://code.google.com/p/iphone-elite/wiki/MoveApps

  9. @Kumail….the actual ringer does not ring…when you get a call it will only vibrate! All other sounds work, like….email notification or text notifications…that type of stuff all works, only your iPhone will not ring. And, I personally would wait for the next jailbreak…this one is a little crazy still!

  10. there is a fix to the google map finder. all you need to do is install navizon, run it once, and all should be good in the google app.

    good luck

  11. Sweet…thanks for the info!!! :)

  12. @Jman – I’ll give that a shot and see what happens. hold on to your britches, I’ll brb.

  13. IT WORKS! I’m at work at the moment, so I’ll upload the screenshot proof later, but all I did was install Navizon GPS from Installer.app under Network, then ran Navizon 1 time, and POOF! Clicked the Locate button on Maps.app and it worked! blue ring and all, albeit a half mile off. Thanks for the great info Jman!

  14. And, Hybrid view now works also! amazing!

  15. Now just get summerboard and customize to work, and make my iPhone ring when it gets called, then I’m back!!! Oh, and BossTool :)

  16. ringtone problem is due to the ringtones drm. there is a fix posted by ajustcircle @ MMIfone, http://www.zshare.net/download/6860907d42b354/ download the stock ringtones, upload all the lowercase ringtones to the Ringtone directory and make sure to delete all the upper case ringtones otherwise you will see double ringtones!

  17. is bosstool even necessary anymore after the upgrade? I would assume Apple gave lots of space in the application directory for official app releases… anyone know the size of the partitions on the new firmware?

  18. That’s a good point, I wonder…! I bet that have increased the file size…

    Or better, made there own symbolic link to the media partition and have the new official apps installed there! (may be wishful thinking on my part :))

    More good news, the dev team plans on releasing the “Official Jailbreak” for 1.1.3 tomorrow!

    Check here: http://www.hackint0sh.org/forum/showthread.php?t=25044

  19. Hello all. I cannot for the life of me get SSH working. I have re-installed BSD, I have deleted the local plist, I have installed the OpenSSH fix, etc, etc. Can anyone help? Cannot figure this one out. Everything else is working.

  20. Make sure you are using mobile instead of root. Password should be alpine

  21. Zombie Iphone says

    I had a 1.1.3 NON hacked iphone, then downgraded to 1.1.1 and then softupgraded to 1.1.3 and on my phone the ringer works fine for incomming calls the custom ringtones work fine and installer is working for every app I have tried so far, The only thing I cant change is the location under settings I change it to london and it always goes back to USA ? but this is the only thing for me,….

  22. Has anyone been able to take a screenshot? I installed dock.app and it takes the pics, but I can’t find them. I also ssh’d into the phone and install erica’s screenshot program but it won’t let me change permissions. any help please email me at wickedfx1@yahoo.com


  23. So i just got a unlocked iphone which was previously a 1.1.1 and got upgraded to 1.1.3 then sold to me. It doesnt ring just vibrates like everyone else is saying. Is there any way to fix this by downloading an app or something like that??

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