ContraSense Update 1.5

ContraSense With the update to version 1.5…ContraSense has a snazzy new look! The first thing you will notice is a new icon!!…and, it is a nice one! The main menu has also changed…the Donate option has been removed leaving the options Play and Highscores. When you start playing the app you will see the full extent of the new design! Everything is redesigned…the “track”, the cars, the extra points…everything. You will also notice the there are three little cars in the upper right corner of the game…they represent the number of cars “tries” you have left…when you crash you are given the option to Quit & Submit score or to Continue…you have the option to continue until you do not have any cars left and then you are given the option to Try again or to Quit and Submit score. The Continue option allows you to pick up right where you crashed…so, if you made it to the distance of 12 and you still have cars left, it will pick up at 12….if not, you can Try Again which brings you back to the beginning. Also, at the top of the screen you will notice that you can now see which level you are on…there are six levels! I have noticed that all the sounds have been removed from the game as well. I think this version plays smoother than the previous version…there is still a little bit of glitching (could be due to the Dock app) but, overall it seems smoother! I REALLY like this update!! ContraSense is available in the through the Soneso Repository. Below are the screenshots:

ContraSense Update 1.5 ContraSense Update 1.5 ContraSense Update 1.5 ContraSense Update 1.5 ContraSense Update 1.5 ContraSense Update 1.5 ContraSense Update 1.5

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