ContraSense Update 1.6

ContraSense Soneso put out a quick update to ContraSense after the release of the previous version 1.5. The update does not make any visual changes to the app but, it does fixes a few bugs dealing with the ability to pass a level (there were too many cars in a row for your car to fit through) and the level speeds changed. ContraSense is available in the through the Soneso source. Below is the screenshot:

ContraSense Update 1.6

ContraSense Update 1.5

ContraSense With the update to version 1.5…ContraSense has a snazzy new look! The first thing you will notice is a new icon!!…and, it is a nice one! The main menu has also changed…the Donate option has been removed leaving the options Play and Highscores. When you start playing the app you will see the full extent of the new design! Everything is redesigned…the “track”, the cars, the extra points…everything. You will also notice the there are three little cars in the upper right corner of the game…they represent the number of cars “tries” you have left… [Read more…]

ContraSense Update 1.4

ContraSense There is an update in the for ContraSense which is available through the Soneso Repository source. This is another great update to an app in the Soneso Repository!! They are on a roll tonight! The update adds a ton of new features to this game. The first change you will notice is the addition of Highscores. To view the Highscores without playing the game…tap on Highscores in the main menu. The next change you will notice is after you tap play and the app beings…it now says, Gentleman start your engines and then the game will begin. That is not the only change…you will also notice little colored blotches (oil spills) have been added to the play screen…every time you drive over one you get 10, 12, 15 or 20 extra points. Your iPhone will now vibrate when the car touches the wall and [Read more…]

ContraSense Update 1.2 & 1.3

ContraSense There was an update to ContraSense in the through the Soneso Repository source. The update brings quite a few changes to the app. When you open it, you will now find that it no longer gives you the option to choose from three levels instead it has been replaced with two options, play and donate. The update also adds some new info to the top of the play screen….you will now find the level you are on, the distance you have left, the time you have been playing and your score (before all that was displayed was the distance left). The screen that pops-up when you crash has also changed…it now says; Crash…Don’t give up!. But, the most impressive part of the update is that you can control the speed of the car. If you tilt your iPhone forward the car speeds up and if you tilt your iPhone back it slows the car down. The very quick update by the developer from version 1.2 to version 1.3 was supposed to fix some of the glitchiness of the new speed control feature however, I still get some glitching when the car moves towards the wall. Maybe we will see another update!! I’m torn between if I like the new feature of speed control or not…I kind of liked the old school version!! Let me know what you think! Here are the screenshots:

ContraSense Update 1.2 Contra Sense Update1.3 ContraSense Update 1.3
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New Game – ContraSense

ContraSense ContraSense is a new game available in the through the Soneso Source. The point of the game is to get your car to the end of the distance without crashing into any other cars. To move your car you just tilt your iPhone. When the app first opens it give you three levels to choose from, level 1 through 3, one being the easiest and three being the hardest. Once you select a level the app opens and you’re off. As you play the distance you have remaining is shown in the upper left corner. If you crash into another car a nice little Crash! screen pops up and gives you the option to play again. I have no idea what it does when you win….BECAUSE I CAN’T GET PAST THE FIRST LEVEL!!! Can you sense the frustration!! :) There is a little bit of play if you hit another car in the front bumper but, if you touch it anywhere near the rear bumper you will crash! Overall, a pretty cool game. Here are the screenshots:

UPDATE: I have FINALLY beat Level 1 – thank you, thank you! YAY! Check out the new screenshot (proof)!

ContraSense ContraSense ContraSense
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